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Send Flowers to Russia

Send flowers to Russia

Send flowers to Russia

Geographically the largest country on earth, Russia occupies most of north-eastern Eurasia and encompasses a wide range of cultures, traditions and landscapes, ranging from the nomadic Sami people who herd reindeer in Siberia to the 2014 home of the winter Olympics in Sochi on the coast of the Black Sea, to the more-or-less modern capital of Moscow and the second largest city Saint-Petersburg.

Russia has a long and fascinating history, first as an empire under famous monarchs such as Catherine the Great and the Tsars, and more recently as the communist superpower known as the USSR. Following the collapse of the communist party in 1991, Russia became a democracy and began the transition towards a Western, capitalist economy, based on natural resources such as oil, gas, lumber and metals.

The history of Russia is studded with great moments and discoveries, dating back to the founding of the Russian Academy of Sciences by Emperor Peter the Great, and now including advances in space travel with the first satellite, Sputnik, and the International Space Station. Russia is an eclectic blend of traditions that combine to create iconic images, such as the spectacular St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.

Of all Russian flowers, the camomile flower is perhaps the best known, and is in fact the national flower of Russia, so makes a great gift for anyone who has just moved there. On International Women's Day Russians send flower flowers to all the women that they know to thank them for all the do in their lives. This date has been important in Russia for many decades before the rest of the Western world started to give it greater importance. Are there any special women in Russia who will be receiving a flower delivery from you on this day? If you do, one of our colourful bouquets is sure to make their heart flutter on this special day!

From Russia with love? Why not to Russia with love? Send flowers to Russia as a gift for any occasion to let them know just how much they mean to you.

Our easy-to-use web site means that international flower delivery to Russia can be arranged in moments. Our network of specially-chosen local florists guarantee on time delivery of the freshest flowers to this most fascinating of lands.

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