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What time is it? Summer time!

The summer is the season of light, colour and happiness! The sun shines in the sky and the days grow longer whilst we relax in parks or on the beach. Without a doubt it is the greatest time of the year when we are all at our happiest. You can pass on this happiness to those you love with a delivery of a bouquet of flowers. By sending flowers you are sure to make those summer days even better.

Picking flowers during the summer is when they are at their best. If possible, they somehow look even more beautiful and their fragrance is even more beguiling. Some people also believe that flowers carry more emotional significance during this time of the year. For this reason sending a bouquet of red roses during the summer results in an even more special “I love you”.

At FloraQueen we will help you to send a message to your loved ones, whatever it may be. Our gifts aren’t exclusively for romantic love, far from it! Our friends and family also deserve something special, and especially so if you can find it at a great sale price. In this summer flowers catalogue you will be able to find beautiful bouquets of flowers combined with jewellery, vases or greeting cards at fantastic reduced prices. Which will you choose for a home gift delivery