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Attending a funeral is never something we want to think about or do. Unfortunately, these services are a part of life. It’s something most of us have to deal with at least once in our lives. For those who are faced with this hard task, there is something you can do to lift the mood. Ordering a funeral flower arrangement can bring some sunshine into an otherwise dark day. Flowers have a way of making us feel better. The fragrance and the colors can be just the pick-me-up that those who are grieving need.

In this article, you can learn:

  • How funeral flowers show respect to the deceased
  • Why choosing FloraQueen for your arrangement is a great choice
  • How to select the right flowers for a funeral
  • Common types of funeral flowers
  • Where FloraQueen delivers to
  • Why you can’t request PO Box delivery
  • How to follow funeral etiquette

Showing Respect with Flowers

Going to a funeral is a part of life. A way to show your respects to the grieving family is by being there for them. Sending them a condolence gift also shows you care. Funeral flowers are the perfect way to show just that. The first step in doing so is knowing how to make funeral flower arrangements. You need to pay attention to any traditions that a family may follow before you have your flowers delivered.

Some families request that any flowers should be sent to a specific residence or funeral home. Others may suggest donating the bouquets and arrangements to a local organization. It’s always best to follow directions in this case.

Why FloraQueen for Funeral Flower Arrangements?

FloraQueen is a leader in the flower delivery business. We know that receiving flowers on such a stark day can send a powerful message to the bereaved. We put the utmost care in every arrangement that we create and deliver. You can rest assured that once you purchase one of these blooms, we can handle everything else. From start to finish, your flowers are going to be presented with respect and loving attention.

How Do You Select the Right Arrangement?

Sympathy flowers are a traditional way to show grief and compassion. They can bring comfort to those who need it and can instantly brighten up any room. There are a few selections to consider when you want to give your condolences:

  • Floral Arrangement— If grieving family members show no preference, you can always send a traditional arrangement. By choosing this style, you can go with any flower you want. They typically include a variety of roses, lilies, or gerberas. The color palette is usually subtle but commanding.
  • Floral Spray—These types of floral arrangements are beautiful. They are viewed on one side and can be displayed on a stand or table. This is a popular delivery that says so much more than goodbye.
  • Wreath—This kind of arrangement has the flowers in a circular pattern. It is meant as a showcase piece that stands alone usually next to the casket. The wreath represents eternal life and is a beautiful way to show a family they are loved.
  • Individual Flowers—Sometimes at a funeral, relatives may want guests to place flowers inside the casket. You can separate individual bouquets to do so. Roses are the usual way to show this action.

What are Some Common Types of Funeral Flowers?

Unless stated by the family, you can send any type of flower to a funeral. These include:

No matter what flower you choose, you are going to send a message of love and remembrance. FloraQueen takes pride in knowing that you chose us for this special day.

Does FloraQueen Deliver to More than Just Homes?

Yes, we do. FloraQueen knows how important a day like this is. If you need your arrangement sent to a hospital or funeral home, we can deliver. We always follow the establishment’s policies when it comes to deliveries. You need to provide as much detail as possible like room number and delivery location. Please check with the hospital or business first before scheduling a floral delivery.

Can Flowers be Delivered to PO Boxes?

FloraQueen cannot deliver our flowers to PO Boxes. You need a provide a physical address of a building to ensure delivery. You can include any notes with your purchase, and FloraQueen tries to follow all requests when we can.

Following Funeral Etiquette

When you send a funeral flower arrangement, you should follow the custom. Make sure first and last names are included in any messages you send with the bouquet. The flowers should arrive before visiting hours. This way, the family can view them as they arrive. If this is not possible, delivering the arrangement to a home is the suggested route to take. It is very important to pay attention to detail here. You don’t want delivery of your flowers to interrupt services or cause any other kind of disruption.

Keep in mind, you are not obligated to only send flowers for a funeral. Grief still goes on after the service. Sending an arrangement afterwards shows you are thinking of the recipient through the hard times. In this case, sending the blooms to a home is the best course of action to take. Flowers sent to mark an anniversary of loss is common too. Marking a loss after time has passed is sure to be welcome in any home.

Sending funeral flower arrangements is a wonderful way to express your sympathies to the grieving family. With one small gesture, you can bring some light into a dark day. Remember to consider the relatives requests when you want to deliver flowers. FloraQueen is a name you can trust when you want your arrangement to be delivered on time and with complete care.

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