Corsage for Prom? Everything You Need to Know

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The prom, annual dance, or graduation ball is a celebration that is traditionally held at the end of the last year of high school or secondary school to celebrate the end of this life experience. In the United States, the prom is a party that takes place in high schools during the end of the last year and to which graduates (seniors or students in grade 12) are invited, and sometimes juniors or 11th grade students. The event is very important for all American students and has long been part of the culture of the United States. During or before the party, a king and a queen of the prom are elected, whether or not they are a couple, to honor them.

To be the queen for her prom party, your little princess needs the most beautiful dress and accessories, but also a beautifully chosen corsage to be unique, radiant, and eye-catching.

In this article, the following points are going to be developed:

* What is a corsage for prom?

* The history behind the corsage

* Is it better to buy it or to do it yourself?

* Step by step to make your own

* Some advice for the prom

What is a Corsage for Prom?

Corsage comes from a French word, which refers to a part of the dress. Women wore flowers pinned to their bodice, usually in the center.

A corsage for prom is the little floral arrangement given to a girl on her prom night. It is often worn for a wedding too.

Corsages are generally available in two types – a pin-on corsage or a wrist-corsage on an expandable wristband. You should wear them on the left side. You can make or choose your corsage depending on your dress or based on the mood you want to express.

The History Behind the Corsage

The concept of wearing flowers for special occasions dates far back in time to the 19th century in France. But it also goes further. In Ancient Greece, brides used to wear flowers pinned to their wedding dress, because it was giving them a pleasing appearance and a sweet fragrance. The scent of flowers was believed to ward off evil spirits that could bring bad luck and disgrace to marriage.

Over time, the practice of wearing flowers in the center of the woman’s bodice has evolved first by wearing small bouquets pinned on the shoulder of her dress or costume. Since many formal dresses are now strapless or have only tiny straps, the placement of the bodice has changed, and small bouquets can be worn on a wristband, in the hair, or less frequently, on the ankle. The corsage is often on the left side because it is the side of the heart.

Is it Better to Buy it or to Do it Yourself?

It all depends on your free time, the representation of the corsage, and your love for manual works. In many flower stores, you can easily find one that your little princess or yourself may enjoy, or find flowers that can suit the dress perfectly and express grace and beauty. However, by making the corsage yourself, you might also feel a sense of pride! Prom is always very special occasion that may require you more manual and self-made stuff.

Step by Step to Make Your Own

For this, you need the following: ribbons – rubber bands, and flowers – needle and thread or a glue gun.

Step 1 – Sew the elastic. Make the foundation bracelet by positioning the elastic in the middle of the ribbon and sew it with a zig-zag stitch. Pull the elastic slightly in tension. You can measure it beforehand, depending on the size of your wrist, but we advise you to make it longer so that you can adjust the length afterward. After you measure on your wrist, pin and sew the two ends together.

Step 2 – Form a knot with the ribbon. To start, take your ribbon and wrap it six times around your hand. Cut the ends at an angle, leaving a good length. Slide the ribbon holding the loops between your thumb and forefinger. With the other hand, take one end and wrap it in the middle and around the loops, to prefigure the knot. Firmly tighten. Take one of the innermost loops. Lift it up and twist it to the left. Take the next loop and twist it to the right. Detach all the loops by alternating the direction of the twists.

Step 3 – Add cut flowers and your ribbon to your elastic band. Cut the stem of the flowers at a bevel. Leave about 1 to 2.5 cm of the stem to be able to arrange the flower.

Cut all the stems to the same length using a pair of scissors or wire cutters. If the stem is too short, adjust its size with florist wire. Use a glue gun to fix everything in place.

Some Advice for the Prom

Choosing a prom dress is the main issue that you need to take great care of. Choose a dress model that suits her personality to appear attractive and sublime.

Wisely choose the high heels so that they can go with the color of the prom dress and be comfortable enough to be able to dance and enjoy the night.

For the make-up, make sure that the shade matches the dress and accessories. It should not be too light and pale on the face. Finally, do not forget to opt for a sweet fragrance.

With that, your little princess can be the queen of the prom!

You might remember your own prom party night, and this is for sure because it is an unforgettable occasion for every student full of memories. For your little princess, you want it to be perfect, and that is why you worked so hard to choose the dress, the accessories, and inevitably her corsage. With this touch of beauty, grace, and style, she would be charming and can make her way to the queen’s title.

You can either buy the corsage or do it yourself to make the moment more magical. By following the step-by-step tutorial, there is no way for you to fail! Your daughter is going to be happy with the handmade accessory that may make her the prettiest flower in the garden of this celebration!

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