Learn More about Funeral Wreaths to Show Your Deepest Sympathies

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Flowers have a lot of meaning and symbolism. Therefore, we tend to use them to express our emotions. Whether they are used as a romantic gesture, a small birthday gift, or to support a grieving friend, flowers have real power over our lives. Flowers are often said to signify hope and the rebirth of the soul. In this regard, in FloraQueen, our local florists can help you deliver flowers on your behalf if you find it impossible and difficult to do so on your own.

The choice of flowers and wreath is usually based on the relationship with the deceased. Since the funeral wreath is quite large, it is possible to contribute to its acquisition by joining a group of people who have a similar relationship with the deceased. The choice of flowers for grief is vast, ranging from a simple bouquet to a large grave top.

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* Choice of Funeral Wreath
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* Mourning Wreath and Religions

Choice of Funeral Wreath

Choosing flowers for a funeral is a serious concern. It is essential to know that just as there are flowers suitable for social events and happy occasions, there are others designed explicitly for funerals. The wreath has a symbolic meaning. In other words, the circular shape signifies eternity, without beginning or end. Also, it represents an infinite circle, a symbol of eternal life.

If you are a member of the family, you can choose a funeral wreath. It is more appropriate when it comes from relatives, but a casual acquaintance might also opt for a lighthearted wreath. This is a symbolic choice that can pay tribute to the deceased and show sympathy to the family at the same time.

It is essential to know that while for some people, moments of sorrow are the most painful and they do not want to deal with anyone, for others, it means all the comfort in the world. Additionally, a wreath can be more than welcome. Even if you don’t want to or can’t come to the funeral home, you can always have the possibility to deliver them.

Funeral Flower Delivery

FloraQueen funeral wreath delivery is now easier for everyone. We specialize in the delivery of flowers for funerals. We help you to find inspiration and make a nice little gesture in silence. Just with a wreath, a floral spray, or a sympathy bouquet, you can show your support for the family. Be careful, however, about the choice of flowers, their colors, and their arrangement. The recipient may attach great importance to the selection of flowers, as they show your presence with their thoughts and their hearts. Buying a wreath is very reasonable and always remains realistic. Take the opportunity to assist a friend or family member by making a nice gesture.

Guide to Funeral Wreath Etiquette

Some members of the deceased’s close family (children, spouses) usually choose a delicate floral wreath to cover the grave. If the funeral takes place according to the Christian ritual, they use a wreath in the shape of a cross as a tribute. This composition consists of roses, a symbol of love, mainly reserved for close family members. Slightly more distant members may choose a grave front, mourning cushions, or a typical funeral wreath. If the deceased had grandchildren, they could express their affection by choosing a mourning heart, for example. Flowers or rose petals are thrown or laid at the final farewell are selected by the close family members.

Close friends quite often contribute to the wreath. Unlike the family, they turn to more sober colors, in pastel and white shades, tones that symbolize friendship. However, there is no strict code for close friends of the deceased, as it is possible to participate by offering brightly colored flowers expressing the joy of good times spent together. Everyone can personalize the funeral wreath according to their relationship with the deceased. Friends of the late who know each other and who had a special relationship with the deceased sometimes get together to send a typical wreath. In this case, it is sufficient to mention the list of donors in an accompanying note.

If the choice of a standard wreath is not appropriate, it is, of course, not obligatory to participate. A simple bouquet, carefully composed and personalized, can also be a beautiful tribute of friendship and a sign of respect. Finally, people close to a family member of the deceased who did not know him or her intimately can send a sober bouquet in classic tones a few days after the ceremony. This gesture helps to accompany the family in their grief after the funeral.

Mourning Wreath and Religions

Funeral wreath usually accompanies various religious or civil ceremonies. Depending on each rite, the tradition of the wreath can be different, as their choice.

Civil ceremony and flowers: Sorrowing flowers may or may not be present at public funerals. Indeed, the family is free to personalize the ceremony as they wish or according to the last wishes of the deceased.

Catholic Ceremony and Mourning Flowers: Mourning flowers are usually very present at Catholic funerals. In the form of crosses, hearts, or wreaths, they add color to the coffin, especially with the pieces called “coffin tops.” They also help to remind those present at the funeral of the meaning of life. Finally, funeral sprays are essential during the last farewell: the burial. This is indeed the moment during which relatives can throw a rose or a bouquet.

Jewish Ceremony and Wreaths: At Jewish funerals, there are usually no or very few mourning flowers. Indeed, in Jewish rites, candles are more preferred. The Jewish ceremony is generally simple and sober.

Muslim Ceremony and Bouquets: In the Muslim rite, it is traditional not to offer flowers to the grieving family. Muslims place more importance on prayers than on mourning flowers.

Buddhist Ceremony and Mourning Flowers: At a Buddhist funeral, flowers are usually numerous. Buddhists prefer white mourning flowers in the form of wreaths, sheaves, or snowshoes.

Orthodox Ceremony and Flowers: Funeral flowers are essential in an orthodox tradition. Like candles, flowers are there to accompany the soul to the afterlife. In Orthodox countries, the coffin remains open so that families can place flowers such as red roses on it.

Offering funeral wreath for the death of a loved one, a friend, or an acquaintance is a beautiful way to say a last farewell with flowers. There are many wreaths and floral compositions to show support for the bereaved family.

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