Orchid Symbolism Is Hiding a Wonderful Meaning

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If you are reading these lines, you must be someone curious or fond of flowers. Gorgeous flowers are worth every tiny bit of your interest! Humans have a complex history with flowers. They have been used as signs to express feelings, emblems for royalty, ornamental decorations for gardens, but also as medical herbs.

One of the most famous and intriguing flowers are orchids. They produce some of the most refined flowers in the world in a large variety of colors for you to enjoy. Moreover, their symbolism is quite perfect for enhancing your relationships, especially the one with your lover.

Today, we are going to make it easy for you to be more familiar with orchid symbolism. In the next few lines, you are going to know more about the whole world of orchids, including its history, color, and meaning. Here, we are going to discuss the following points:

* Get to Know More about the History of the Orchid Flower
* Orchid Flower Symbolism
* Meanings of the Pink, Yellow, and Black Orchid
* Meanings of the White, Red, and Blue Orchid

Get to Know More about the History of the Orchid Flower

You must know the orchid flower. It is a very famous plant and a best-seller around the world. You can even consider it as the most coveted of ornamental plants, with its delicate and exotic shape.

The orchid represents luxury, love, and strength. In ancient Greece, orchids were a symbol of masculinity. This is why in anatomic appellations, orchid stands for “testicle.” Greeks used to believe that they might choose the gender of their unborn child using this flower: If the man ate large tubers of orchids, the baby would be a boy. But, if the woman ate the small ones, she would give birth to a daughter.

In the Victorian era, the symbolism of orchids shifted to luxury. Nowadays, the orchid keeps this sense of magnificence and artistic splendor alive. It still represents rare and delicate beauty. The pink orchid is even considered the “flower of the 14th wedding anniversary.”

Orchid Flower Symbolism

The orchid is a flower full of grace. Charged with perfection, it sometimes gives the impression of being inaccessible.

If you want to understand this flower and its symbolism, you have to be familiar with the meaning of “orchid” in Greek: “orchi” means “testicles.” This is due to the shape of the tubers in some varieties. For this reason, orchids have a sexual meaning.

In ancient China, this flower meant fertility. They even created the “golden houses of orchids” grouping young virgin girls waiting to be married.

Today, the significance of the orchid is still powerful but also carries a more romantic aura. Indeed, it represents seduction and desire, but also perfection and feminine grace. People offer it for birthdays, weddings or even for romantic celebrations. However, to fully understand its meaning before offering it, you must take into account its color.

Meanings of the Pink, Yellow, and Black Orchid

Pink is the color of romanticism. Therefore, the meaning of this pink orchid could not be other than that of seduction and sensuality. It is a perfect present when you are in a new relationship and want to seduce your partner during a romantic dinner. It is also famous for being the “14th wedding anniversary” flower.

The yellow orchid is a more reliable tool to express sexual messages. You can consider it as a symbol of eroticism and warm love. It is the perfect flower for a wedding anniversary to make your partner feel that they are always wanted.

The meaning of the black orchid is a little different from the others since it is dark color suggest power and absolute authority. However, the orchid remains a flower symbolizing fertility. Thus, the black orchid can stand for complete submission and represent the high confidence that you give to your partner, especially on the sexual level.

Meanings of the White, Red, and Blue Orchid.

The white orchid means extra pure and innocent love. This flower also connotes a fervent idealization of the person that receives it. The beautiful white orchids can also represent spiritual and moral purity, as well as the most refined love. It is the ultimate orchid to offer for a wedding. It is common to find it in floral decorations or bridal bouquets.

The red orchid has a passionate meaning. It sends a clear and direct message: “the desire to make love.” Like other red flowers, it transmits passion and desire as well as love. Red orchids are a fabulous alternative to red roses for Valentine’s Day.

The blue orchid is synonymous with eternal hope. It represents the fighting spirit against an inaccessible love and the hope of reaching it one day. It also signifies the wisdom and purity of feelings. In some cultures, offering a blue flower express the possibility of making a wish and seeing it come true.


The orchid is a graceful flower filled with perfection. With its luxurious look, it sometimes gives the impression of being inaccessible. In the past, the meaning of the orchid was even more strong than today. Due to the shape of the tubers of some varieties, the flower takes its name from the Greek word “orchi,” which means “testicles.” In ancient China, the orchid represented fertility.

Nowadays, the orchid has different meanings depending on its color. The pink orchid expresses seduction and sensuality, along with romanticism. The yellow one represents eroticism and warm love. The black one stands for complete submission and represents the high confidence that you give to your partner. For a wedding, use the white orchids. For any romantic occasion, you can use red ones. Finally, you can use the blue orchid to express eternal hope for an inaccessible love.

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