6 Great Plants for Men

Man looking after plant

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Choosing a present for the men in your life is often a struggle, no matter if it’s for your Dad, a brother, your uncle or your Grandad.  While many men are often cryptic at best about their gift preferences lots of them love to be pleasantly surprised with something out of the ordinary and for that reason plants could be the answer to your problem. We’ve rounded together a list of 6 of the best plants for the men in your lives, which will brighten up their surroundings and perhaps inspire a new hobby.

Venus Fly Trap

Venus fly trap

A plant with a difference, not only is it interesting to look at but it keeps your home clean from flying insects and pests, what’s not to like! This very much comes across as a plant for boys as it has an element of danger about it and is literally deadly to some creatures. However, it is recommended not to overfeed it on bugs or other things (don’t feed it food for human consumption whatever you do). This causes the plant to burn through its limited energy reserves and to die. Remember it can survive just fine on water and sunlight alone.

Peace Lily

Peace lily

An attractive houseplant favourite. Peace lilies are great as they are very easy to look after, only needing water sporadically, look fantastic and even remove damp and mold from the air. A house always looks better when complimented with a bit of greenery and if this is a plant for a man who’s looking to spruce up his home then this could be the perfect gift for him.

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Red Bromelia

Red bromelia in pot

A charming plant that adds a touch of bright colour to your room. In addition to that, the red bromelia has a hidden secret and that is that it is able to help you sleep better. It clears the air of harmful toxins which will help you or someone close to you sleep more soundly and deeply. They also are pretty easy to look after and the flowers last a healthy three months each time they bloom.

Spider Plant

spider plant

A great plant to have in your home if you want to freshen up your environment. A spider plant grows fast, looks lush and attractive all year round and needs very little care. It literally clears the air in your home too as it’s a big absorber of carbon monoxide. It’s also super versatile surviving happily both inside and outside the home and only needs a little water every now and again. If it gets too big you can cut it back or just put it in a bigger pot. It works well as a joke present for a spiderman fan too.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

Another easy plant to take care of with little watering needed to let it thrive. It can happily be grown both inside and outside the house and obviously, as it is a desert plant, prefers to grow in dry conditions. It does appreciate sunlight however so do try and make sure it is placed in a sunny spot. This is the ideal plant for men who like to take care of themselves due to the skin healing properties of the sap in the leaves, which has been used for generations to refresh and revive tired and irritated skin.

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Bonsai tree

Bonsai tree

This is the perfect plant for men who consider themselves adept horticulturalists. These plants are far more difficult to take care of than the others we’ve suggested so far due to its delicate nature and precise watering requirements, although it is also one of the satisfying to cultivate. We would recommend purchasing one that’s grown a little and that’s been clipped. Growing from a seed is very time consuming and is particularly difficult when it comes time to wire and clip the branches. That said taking care of a bonsai is easier than you would first think and although it requires a commitment to prevent the tree from drying out; gentle care is all it takes.


So there you have it. Six plants that you can surprise a man in your family with on a special occasion. As you can see there are lots of ways that these plants for men could be the perfect surprise for a man who’s difficult to buy for.

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