How Colored Orchids Are Made

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The orchid is considered one of the most ornamental, delicate, and graceful plants in the world. It is a flower that is portrayed as luxurious and elegant, all the while symbolizing strength. In ancient times Greece, the orchid represented fertility, and as time went on, the flower bloomed into being a flower of wealth, power, and social status. Did you know that the orchid is one of the few flowers that can come in different colors?

In this post, we share:

How to Color an Orchid

Most orchids that you find in a store are white, but did you know that with a bit of dye, you can change the orchid to any color? Some may find it appalling to dye an orchid; however, sometimes, you want to get a color that it just does not bloom in.

To color an orchid simply do the following:

  1. Buy white orchids – they are the easiest to work with
  2. Get a tall vase – make sure the vase is spacious and can hold the number of orchids you want to dye.
  3. Pick your dye – you can find colors to use at an art shop
  4. Fill the vase with water – fill the vase about ¼ or ½ way with warm water
  5. Add dye droplets – depending on how bright you want the color to be, typically two to three drops is sufficient enough.
  6. Wait.

Typically, the changing of the color of an orchid happens after 48-72 hours. Slowly you are going to see the color change and making its way through the petals until it has fully taken on the color of the dye.

What Different Colors Mean

Undecided about what color to get? Here are some ideas of colors to pick from, as well as their symbolism, because the last thing you want to do is give your loved one a flower that just means friendship or is an apology orchid. Before you buy a color dye to use, read about what each of these popular colors represents.


A blue orchid is considered those one-in-a-million colors for a flower. This choice of color for an orchid represents spirituality. To gift a blue orchid, you are demonstrating how special and unique they are to you. Someone you would gift a blue orchid to would be a parent or a grandparent, or someone who means a lot to you.


This regal color is one that symbolizes admiration and, of course, royalty. It is a great way to show your adoration and appreciation for them. This would be a good choice for a teacher, colleague, or mentor.


When you see red, what comes to mind? Love? Passion? Desire? A red orchid represents what most red flowers symbolize love, passion, and hope. This choice of color is perfect for someone you love, or who you may have a great infatuation for. This flower and color combination make a great alternative to the traditional red rose or carnation.


Are you looking for a flower to gift your daughter? Sister or mother? The pink orchid represents feminism and grace. It also represents innocence, which is why this flower and color choice is a great birthday gift for a girl.


If you are looking just to gift a traditional orchid, then you are going with the color white. White is a color that represents elegance, purity, and beauty. A white orchid makes an excellent gift for a baby shower or the birth of a child. It is also a good choice of flower to give someone who is recovering or in the hospital.


Are you looking to add some cheer and happiness to someone’s life? Why not dye your orchid yellow? Yellow is a flower that represents happiness and joy. This flower color is common when you want to give an arrangement to a friend. It is also a good flower choice if you’re going to show encouragement and support.


Green is a choice of orchid that is not common – which may be why it is considered good luck when you give or receive a green orchid — looking to shower someone with good fortune or positivity? Gift them a green orchid.

Why Give an Orchid as a Gift?

Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, flowers make a great gift. When you decide to give them an orchid as a gift, you are showing them that they mean so much more to you than just any ordinary flower. The orchid is a flower that is much more coveted than that of a rose.

Maybe it is because it can live longer than most floral bouquets?

Giving someone the gift of a floral arrangement that features the orchid is showing the recipient that they are special to you. When you pick an orchid of a specific color, you are taking the meaning of the color and applying it to the gift. For example, if it is your wife’s anniversary, you can give her red orchids, which are going to last longer than red roses. Not only that, but orchids have the ability to live longer than most bouquets. Some orchids can last up to 10 weeks! How many flowers can live that long and maintain their simple beauty and elegance? Not many when it comes to flowers.

What better way to give a gift that is going to last?

The next time you are looking for a gift that is going to show a more sentimental, appreciative, and personal touch, go with an orchid arrangement. They may cost a bit more than most flowers; however, you can guarantee your recipient is going to love the gift and gesture.

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or a birthday, visit a local florist for an array of colored and non-colored orchids. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even take a stab at combining multiple colors to give your orchid a rainbow effect, which is one way of adding a personal touch to your floral gift.

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