Nothing is nearly as romantic as a bouquet of roses. Red roses represent love and passion; pink stands for romance and femininity; yellow roses express friendship and joy; white roses signify purity and respect; and orange roses, warmth and happiness.

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For those who are deeply in love, sending flowers to the one they love is a thoughtful way to show how they feel and it is sure to be greatly appreciated by the recipient. Through the power of the Internet, it has never been easier or quicker to send a bouquet of roses online. A bouquet of roses will speak volumes to your loved one without you saying a word. While their color undoubtedly echoes a sentimental connection, their sweet fragrance will last long in the memory as well. After all, what better way is there to express your love than with a bouquet of deep red roses?

Roses are probably the most well-known “flowers of love” to have ever existed and, for centuries, they have symbolized the bond between two people. They are iconic all around the world as a symbol of romance and this does not look like changing. Today, the biggest difference is that these beautiful blooms can be sent across the globe quickly, conveniently and reliably. Our network of the best local florists all around the world ensure speedy on-time flower delivery of the freshest bouquets to wherever the recipient may be. It's never been easier to order roses online, whether that is a single rose or a bunch of roses in a plush bouquet.

Send a Bouquet of Roses Online

Roses know no seasons. They are a classic and timeless choice that can be sent year-round. As a result, they are just as suited to be used as autumn wedding flowers as they are during the summer months. Their variety of color also allows them to be used for an array of occasions. When only the best and most emotional gift will do, or you're simply looking to send a great big hug, such an option is the one and only choice. Sending roses online is easy and convenient!

With FloraQueen’s international flower delivery service, it really couldn’t be any easier to order roses today in just a few clicks! Send love, send romance, send friendship, send it all with a bouquet of fresh roses delivered right to the lucky recipient's door. If you select FloraQueen as your online florist you are sure to send not only flowers but also smiles to the lucky recipient.