Learn About Philodendron Care To Have A Nice Garden

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The philodendron plant belongs to the Araceae family. It is an evergreen herbaceous plant from central and South America, specifically from the rainforest. It grows up to six meters in its natural environment and three meters as an indoor plant.

From the beginning of time, philodendron is considered as one of the best-selling plants in the world, because it can tolerate bad circumstances like a dry atmosphere. Also, it can grow in your garden or be a houseplant that can decorate your home or office.

Furthermore, some people admit that it looks like monstera deliciosa, mainly because they belong to the same family. But, the difference between both of them lies in the leaves and the size.

Philodendron is a root climber and has giant green leaves, which are usually imposing, deeply cut, or lobed. Sometimes, the leaves are spear-shaped, oval, or in a large number of possible shape variations.

In this article, we are going to discuss the following points:

* What Is the Meaning of Philodendron Plant?
* How to Easily Take Care of Philodendron
* Some Advice about Philodendron Care
* What Is the Importance of Plants And Flowers In Our Lives?

What Is the Meaning of Philodendron Plant?

Philodendron is an extraordinary plant that means a large number of beautiful meanings and expressions. First of all, it symbolizes good health. That is why you can bring it with you if you want to visit your friend or a family member in the hospital.

Also, it stands for women and their charm, beauty, and emotions. Because of this meaning, there are dozens of artists who have used philodendron in their sculptures and paintings. One of the best samples of an artist who has done this is Pablo Picasso, who used philodendron in his famed ‘Woman in the Garden.’ Moreover, modern artists like to draw this fascinating plant too, especially as an abstract form of women like “Tree with Split Leaf Philodendron” from Peggy Eyth and “Philodendron” from Mimi Little.

Additionally, philodendron can mean loyalty and pure love. If you offer it to your partner, he or she is going to be sure of your feelings and emotions.

How to Easily Take Care of Philodendron

Philodendron plants are one of the easiest plants to take care of. If you want to have a philodendron houseplant, you should put it in water as soon as you buy it and check the soil to know its moisture level.

Make sure that you aerate the soil, so it can breathe and help release the moisture. Like monstera deliciosa, philodendron likes to grow in soil that is not extremely moist.

In order to have a healthy outdoor philodendron, it is necessary to choose a place with bright sunlight and to put it near a wall to help it grow because it is a climbing plant. Again, make sure that the soil is not too salty, water it with a garden hose, and regularly rotate the plant to help it grow up on all sides and to photosynthesize efficiently.

Some Advice about Philodendron Care

The basic needs of the philodendron plant are sunlight, water, and fertilizer. For that, it is necessary to be sure that your plant is getting enough light, so it is not going to become yellow or to have several inches between the leaves with leggy stems. If the leaves are droopy, it means that the plant is overwatered.

To feed philodendron, use balanced liquid fertilizer because it contains hundreds of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients like calcium and magnesium. We recommend you to water your plant with the fertilizer every six to 10 months or, for example, in spring and summer.

If you do not use enough fertilizer, philodendron is going to start slowing its pace of growth and leaf size would be small. You should not forget to trim your philodendron and to disinfect it with the right tools.

Finally, give philodendron the love and the care its needs so it can make your garden or your house more beautiful and relaxing.

What Is The Importance of Plants And Flowers In Our Lives?

For centuries, plants and flowers have played an essential role in affecting our lives positively. For example, when you take care of your houseplant, you are distracted from your problems. Also, they help people to convey their profound and deep feelings and admiration to their partners; that is why it is necessary to have a bouquet in a marriage proposal.

Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that flowers and plants can be used as food, which is the case in a large number of countries, in addition to their use in healing dozens of illnesses such as high blood pressure, fever, and flu. In fact, in some areas, plants are officially considered medications.

Moreover, flowers and plants can be a source of positive vibes in the workplace. You can, for instance, put a vase full of sunflowers near your boss’s desk to tell him that you appreciate working with him.

Philodendron is one of the best plants in the world because it has a large number of meanings, such as purity, reciprocated love, loyalty, and fidelity. Also, it is effortless to take care of it; you should only remember the three keywords: sunlight, water, and fertilizer. Most importantly, listen to your plant. If there is any change in the color of the leaves, it may be a sign that it is in danger.

Finally, do not forget the meaning of this plant: It spreads good vibes wherever you put it. You can offer it for someone in the hospital to symbolize good health, or to a friend to symbolize your loyalty. Alternatively, you can give it to a woman to highlight her charm, beauty, and grace.

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