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Send flowers to Panama

Any introduction to Panama is bound to start with the canal. The feat of those late-19th-century engineers and labourers in cutting 77 kilometres of canal through jungle is staggering, and even more so now a second canal is being built with 21st-century technology.

However, with coastlines giving onto two oceans, Panama has been a major strategic location for centuries. This is reflected in numerous examples of colonial architecture, best seen in the Old Town of Panama City itself. A World Heritage Site, the finest examples are the city’s cathedral and the Palacio de las Garzas. The city is a microcosm of the country’s history, from the highly ordered canal zone to the relaxing pace of life in the old quarter and the vibrant modern commercial city.

But the jungle the canal was cut through is perhaps one of the greatest attractions. The 17, 000 square kilometres of Darién are one of the American continent’s few remaining truly wild areas. It is the perfect jungle, steamy and noisy, a mix of endless greens and sudden bursts of vivid primary colours.

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