Indonesia is a country of well over two hundred million inhabitants. This archipelago that boasts more than thirteen thousand islands has been an important trade route since the 7th century and, in modern times, cities such as Jakarta have become major centres of industry and finance. This burgeoning growth has also been witnessed in the increasing number of tourists that choose to frequent this tropical destination every year.

Indonesia is also quite an eclectic country, having been ruled by an Islamic caliphate, the Dutch and the British at one time or another. This has imbued a rich culture that represents a blend of the west and the east. Countless millions visit urban districts such as Medan, Malang and Bogor each year. However, the natural flora and fauna are equally as impressive. Indonesia contains one of the richest examples of biodiversity on the planet. A range of ecosystems include coastal regions, jungle, coniferous forests and high mountain peaks. Such pristine environments have also become extremely attractive to foreign visitors.

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