Flower delivery to Jakarta

Located on Java's north coast, Jakarta is the busy, bustling capital city of Indonesia. While many foreign visitors use the city as a gateway to other parts of the country, Jakarta itself has a lot to offer.

Jakarta's geographical location means it is a place where many different cultures have mixed over the centuries, and all have left their mark on the city.

The city's past is best understood by visiting its many museums, among which the Jakarta History Museum should probably be the first stop. Other aspects of local culture can be seen in the wonderful puppet museum, as well as those dedicated to the sea and textiles.

Indonesia is famous for its cuisine, and the visitor can eat very well in Jakarta. Whether your tastes run to padang or international food, the street-side food stalls offer myriad experiences for the taste-buds.

It is also a shopper's paradise. The most famous brands are well-represented here, but the city's many street markets provide a chance to buy more traditional local craft-work, the multi-coloured textiles make these markets a feast for the eyes.

Indonesians are very welcoming, and if you go away having made new friends, the gift of a flower delivery to Jakarta is perhaps the best way to thank them.

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