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Verona has a population of well over seven hundred thousand people and has earned the reputable title of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Furthermore, Verona is the most popular tourist city in northern Italy. For many outsiders, Verona is well known for its role in Shakespearean plays such as Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew and the Two Gentleman of Verona. Additionally, this city is home to many fairs, shows and operas. A Roman amphitheatre is still in use today for numerous artistic performances.

Due to this rich history, Verona offers visitors the chance to witness some of the most traditional Roman and Italian architecture. Pristine examples of these can include the Piazza Bra and the previously mentioned Verona Amphitheatre. This structure is actually the third-largest Roman entertainment structure in existence, even slightly comparable to the size of the famous Colosseum in Rome itself. While the majority of residents of Verona are Italian, it is interesting to note that Romanians comprise nearly twenty-five per cent of the total population here.

As the city is such a popular tourist destination, flower delivery to Verona is also a sizable industry. These gifts are perfect at capturing the passion and life that the entire region has become famous for.

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