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Flower delivery to Catania

The first mention of Catania dates from Greek times, around 2700 years ago. Located on Sicily's eastern coast, Catania is perhaps best-known for its proximity to the imposing bulk of Mt Etna.

The volcano has shaped the city's past more frequently and violently than most of us can imagine. Buried at least 17 times under Etna's lavas are the remains of the various cities and cultures that Catania has housed down the ages.

Despite these calamities, there are still numerous sights worth visiting in the city, most of them are found in the central Archaeological Park. Among them are the many remains of Greek and Roman civilizations, the most impressive being the 3rd century Odeon, which could hold around 1500 spectators, the Roman Forum and many bath houses.

The Baroque period is best represented by the marvellous central Piazza del Duomo, surrounded by elegant buildings and with the Fountain of the Elephant at its heart.

This being Sicily, it is all but impossible to eat badly here, the city boasts many great restaurants in which to try local specialities such as fish couscous, proof of Catania's Arabic past.

The welcome is always warm here, and you are bound to make new friends. Why not give the gift of a flower delivery to Catania to say 'grazie'?

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