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Located in Italy, Padua is the capital of the province of the same name. As of 2011, Padua has a population of just over two hundred thousand inhabitants and this figure is likely to increase. This city, along with nearby Venice, has enjoyed a history that stretches back more than a millennium. In fact, many residents claim that this city is the oldest in the entire country. During Roman occupation, Padua was a renowned centre for breeding horses and producing quality wool.

In more modern times, Padua is considered to be one of the most important industrial zones in all of Europe and more than one thousand different industries currently employ well over fifty thousand workers. Likewise, the tourism sector has flourished (due in no small part to the eclectic history of the city centre). Sights such as the Scrovegni Chapel, the Palazzo della Ragione, the famous equestrian statue of Donatello and a host of famous churches have allowed Padua to be considered a city rich in culture. Indeed, it is no wonder why so many visitors make it a point to frequent these and other attractions.

With such a rich culture and history, there’s nothing better than a flower delivery to Padua to make your loved ones smile. This gift idea is ideally suited for a variety of different occasions.

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