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Meet the Women Who Inspired Our Women’s Day Collection

Our International Women’s Day Collection is here! After taking inspiration last year from some of the amazing women in history for our selection of bouquets, we decided to look a little closer to home this time around. Our flower arrangements for March 8th are inspired by the women who make up the team at FloraQueen. […]

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How Flower Deliveries Could Change In The Next Decade

Technology is moving faster and faster. Home deliveries have never been a more popular way to receive your purchases and, as a result, companies all over the world are creating new ways to make it quicker and more convenient. That’s why we’re going to look at how flower deliveries could change in the next decade, […]

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best friends on a green field

Why You Should Get Your Best Friend A Gift This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about you and your beau. It’s the perfect time to celebrate love in all its forms. To mix things up this year we’ve come up with a few tips on why to get your best friend a gift this Valentine’s Day. We’ve also thought up a few suitable surprises that will make them smile on […]

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red roses and hearts

Why You Should Always Order Valentine’s Flowers In Advance

Late January and early February is a pretty busy time for florists as Valentine’s Day nears. Of course, with such an increase in demand florists don’t always have enough flowers or time to create bouquets for everyone. Getting a Valentine’s Day bouquet requires a bit of forward planning. However, there’s one simple trick that rarely […]

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The Best Flowers To Send Someone Starting A New Life Abroad

International flower deliveries from online florists offer more than just convenience. For those living far away from one another, they can be a vital tool for communication. More and more individuals are starting a new life abroad for either work or study. With those doing so, contact with friends and family at home carries a […]

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birthday flowers choice title card

Which Birthday Flowers Are The Right Ones For Your Special Someone?

Birthday flowers are well known as a go-to surprise gift. They are bright, full of colour and perfect for congratulating someone as they celebrate their birthday. When choosing a present, it’s important to make sure that the surprise will create the right impact with your recipient and with flowers, there can seem a lot of […]

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How To Make An International Flower Delivery And What to Expect

You’ve probably noticed that we’re quite proud of our ability to deliver flowers to over 100 countries around the world. If you’ve never tried sending flowers around the globe you’re probably wondering what it takes to make a delivery a success and what actually happens to get your bouquet to its destination. We’re going to […]

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India Flower delivery

When To Impress With A Flower Delivery In India

India is a land of flowers where they not only grow in abundance but are enjoyed far and wide. When it comes to a flower delivery in India there are naturally lots of perfect opportunities to impress with a bouquet delivered directly to someone’s door. With many Indians living overseas or far from their families […]

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