shutterstock 345196199 FloraQueen EN What Do Your Valentine's Day Roses Say About You?

What Do Your Valentine’s Day Roses Say About You?

The celebration of love might be a reason of stress for most of us. We are trying relentlessly to find the best presents for our loved ones, and a bouquet of fresh, beautiful roses is a traditional gesture. However, have you considered that colors have particular meanings? Merely choosing some roses might not be the […]

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shutterstock 1612172653 FloraQueen EN Discover the Most Surprising Things to Do on Valentine’s Day with Your Girlfriend

Discover the Most Surprising Things to Do on Valentine’s Day with Your Girlfriend

Every year it’s the same question about Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend: how to make an original surprise for Valentine’s Day? Today, you should learn about the most unusual activities that you can do together for the lovers’ day. If you need inspiration and are still wondering about the things you plan to do […]

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shutterstock 228219115 FloraQueen EN Learn the Most Beautiful Valentine's Day Ideas to Make Your Loved One Happy

Learn the Most Beautiful Valentine’s Day Ideas to Make Your Loved One Happy

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to highlight the importance of intimacy, affection, passion, humor, and love. Take the chance to cuddle again! The phrase “I love you” can be expressed through words, actions, and many different love languages; therefore, there are many ways to celebrate February 14th. Whether you want a romantic or naughty Valentine’s […]

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shutterstock 1623924676 FloraQueen EN Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes Are Perfect to Help You Say “I Love You”

Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes Are Perfect to Help You Say “I Love You”

People all around the world consider love as one of the most sacred feelings and powerful emotions. They do respectful efforts to express love to their dearest loved ones. Some of them buy wonderful gifts, well-organized arrangements of flowers or they may prepare a huge and excellent surprise such as a romantic dinner, an invitation […]

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shutterstock 68845858 FloraQueen EN The Most Thoughtful Love Coupons to Offer on Special Occasions

The Most Thoughtful Love Coupons to Offer on Special Occasions

A love coupon is an original concept, funny, romantic, cheap gift (since it’s free!) and which can, most certainly, please your lover. Indeed, you offer a love coupon on the occasion of an anniversary, a wedding anniversary, a Valentine’s Day, etc. When the day of love comes around, it’s time for many couples to think […]

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shutterstock 577746850 FloraQueen EN Finding That Perfect Valentine’s Day Cards and Gifts

Finding That Perfect Valentine’s Day Cards and Gifts

Every February 14th, there is an influx of chocolate sold, red roses delivered, and little blue boxes being tied and given to a loved one. While these are popular Valentines Day gifts, sometimes you just want to step out of the box and go with something different, something extraordinary. Maybe it is your first Valentines […]

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shutterstock 162573713 FloraQueen EN Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s day is one every lover looks forward to. As controversial as the day is, you want to have sweet memories of it, whether you live far away from your partner or not. In spite of that, did you know that you can make Valentine’s Day celebration unforgettable with flowers? Flowers have a language of […]

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shutterstock 559251247 FloraQueen EN Valentine’s Day Bouquets

Valentine’s Day Bouquets

Valentine’s Day is very special in any part of the world. It’s a day to shower the people around you with true love and passion, giving them every reason to be optimistic and happy. It is celebrated all over the globe with people sending Valentine’s Day bouquets to one another to symbolize their love and […]

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shutterstock 788006494 FloraQueen EN Valentine’s Day Roses

Valentine’s Day Roses

It is Valentine’s Day again, the time and season for love. Once again, you have another opportunity to express your heartfelt wishes to the object of your desire. You can amaze and enchant the one you love by sending a stunning selection of flowers. It is common knowledge that roses are the perfect Valentine’s Day […]

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shutterstock 242807023 FloraQueen EN Discover the sweetest plans to enjoy Valentine’s Day

Discover the sweetest plans to enjoy Valentine’s Day

You’ve probably already started seeing hearts everywhere you look: in stores, on the metro, on social media… bit by bit the streets fill with gift suggestions for Valentine’s Day, reminding us how important it is to celebrate love in a special way.  Whether or not you’re one of those people who celebrate the Day of […]

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shutterstock 1283289214 FloraQueen EN Flowers for Valentine’s

Flowers for Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is a day with so much love and liveliness in virtually every part of the world. With a theme centered around romance, passion, and affection, Valentine’s Day is one day you don’t want to miss celebrating with your loved ones. How do you make the most of this special day and make it […]

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shutterstock 1619138770 FloraQueen EN Valentine’s Quotes

Valentine’s Quotes

A heartfelt and personal message is a great way to express your love for someone on Valentine’s Day. However, it can be a little difficult to find the right way to express what you want to say, especially if you are shy or not great with words. This is why it can be a good […]

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shutterstock 1621343980 FloraQueen EN What to Get My Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

What to Get My Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for you and your boyfriend to share some precious time together and celebrate your relationship. However, depending on his personality and how long you have been together, it can feel a little intimidating to organize gifts and plans for Valentine’s Day. It isn’t necessary to worry or stress over […]

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shutterstock 1306518055 FloraQueen EN What to Get My Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

What to Get My Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a very special day for couples and celebrating romantic love, but it can be a bit tricky and a lot of pressure to find the perfect gift for your partner or girlfriend. There are so many typical and atypical gifts to get somebody, though, and you don’t need to worry too much […]

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shutterstock 172989605 FloraQueen EN Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes

Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes

It is such a special occasion to so many people around the world. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate romantic love and relationships with the people closest to us. However, that is no reason that it has to be a totally serious event! If you and your partner have a great shared sense of […]

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shutterstock 776254696 FloraQueen EN Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most beloved and celebrated days around the world. It is a day to celebrate romantic love and relationships, and there are so many different ways you can commemorate the day! Whether you have a meal with your partner, give them a gift or a card, or choose to spend […]

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Valentine's cake birthday roses

Customer of the Month: Valentine’s Birthday Flowers

February is one of the busiest months for florists no matter whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not. This year we delivered thousands of bouquets during the run up to the 14th. However, we’ve decided to highlight the story of just one, although this was no ordinary Valentine’s bouquet. We spoke to Stephen from England, […]

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romantic dinner

How To Plan The Perfect Valentines Dinner

The perfect Valentine’s Day can only be topped off by the perfect Valentine’s Dinner.  Having a romantic day from sunrise-to-sunset on February 14th is always the goal and there can be no doubt that a romantic dinner is the key to tie it all together at the end. There are numerous classic ways to spend the […]

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Happy couple watching movie in bed

5 Super Romantic Movies To Watch This Valentine’s Day

February 14th is the perfect opportunity to put on a good love film. The only problem is there’ are hundreds, if not thousands to choose from. If you’re struggling to choose which romantic movies to watch this Valentine’s Day, we’re going to give you a hand. We’ve chosen five films that for us are a […]

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best friends on a green field

Why You Should Get Your Best Friend A Gift This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about you and your beau. It’s the perfect time to celebrate love in all its forms. To mix things up this year we’ve come up with a few tips on why to get your best friend a gift this Valentine’s Day. We’ve also thought up a few suitable surprises that will make them smile on […]

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red roses and hearts

Why You Should Always Order Valentine’s Flowers In Advance

Late January and early February is a pretty busy time for florists as Valentine’s Day nears. Of course, with such an increase in demand florists don’t always have enough flowers or time to create bouquets for everyone. Getting a Valentine’s Day bouquet requires a bit of forward planning. However, there’s one simple trick that rarely […]

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Woman horrified by man's flowers

Romance Killer Flowers to Avoid on Valentine’s Day

We all know that flowers are one of the best gifts to sweep your partner off their feet on Valentine’s Day but it is important to remember that not all flowers communicate romance. In fact, some bouquets may contain romance killer flowers that could potentially send the opposite message to the person you want to […]

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Single rose with I love you message

The Most Romantic Messages That Will Impress on Valentine’s Day

There is nothing more likely to set your true love’s heart aflame than a sweet romantic message to accompany your bouquet on Valentine’s Day. Flowers are the perfect way to say so many things without words, however by adding a thoughtful message to your delivery card or note, you’re sure to dazzle your recipient in […]

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FloraQueen Valentine's 2018 collection

Our Heart Melting Floral Playlist for Valentine’s Day

Nothing beats a love song when you’re feeling romantic and of course it’s impossible to imagine Valentine’s Day without flowers. So, to get in the spirit just in time for the day of lovers next week, we’ve crafted our own floral playlist for Valentine’s Day with our Valentine’s collection for 2018. We’ve carefully designed our […]

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