Finding That Perfect Valentine’s Day Cards and Gifts

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Every February 14th, there is an influx of chocolate sold, red roses delivered, and little blue boxes being tied and given to a loved one. While these are popular Valentines Day gifts, sometimes you just want to step out of the box and go with something different, something extraordinary. Maybe it is your first Valentines Day with someone, and you aren’t sure what to give to make it extra-special, or perhaps its your 20th Valentines Day with someone, and you want to do something you haven’t done before.

To help find that perfect Valentines Day gift, we are going to discuss the following:

* Valentines Day ideas for her                                                                                                    * Valentines Day ideas for him                                                                                                    * Valentines Day messages

Valentines Day Ideas for Her

For most women, Valentines Day is a special day for them. It is a day that is filled with chocolate, flowers, and pampering. Looking for gift ideas to get her on Valentines Day?

Here are some Valentines Day ideas just for that girl in your life:

Starbucks Travel Mug- Who doesn’t love a Pumpkin Spice Latte? Why not surprise that lucky-lady in your life with a Starbucks Travel Mug? If you are feeling extra generous, you can add a Starbucks gift card inside to get them started. This is an excellent gift for the environmentally conscientious.

Book- For Valentines Day, why not surprise her with a romantic book of poems? Or, if your plus-one is not a fan of poetry, but you know they enjoy a good crime or mystery novel, why not buy them the latest book from their favorite author?

Massage- Why not book your partner a 30 minute or hour massage? If you are a fan of massages too, you can see if the location offers couples massage and make it a special moment.

Chocolate- What is Valentines Day without chocolate? From Lindt to Hersheys, consider what her favorite kind of chocolate is and surprise her with a box of chocolate. If you are lucky, some places offer chocolate in the shape of a rose, and you can give a floral bouquet of chocolate.

Flowers- Are you going to be missing out on Valentines Day? Why not send flowers to your loved ones? Whether you are in town or out, you can have flowers delivered to your Valentine and add a special note to the arrangement as well.

Valentines Day Ideas for Him

Just because they may not say it, guys love to be spoiled during Valentines Day too. Here are some great Valentines Day ideas that your special guy is sure to love.

Six Pack Greeting Card- What do you get when you take a case of his favorite beer and a Valentines Day card and mix the two together? You get a Six Pack Greeting Card.

Engraved Docking Station- Does the guy in your life seem to have a handful of gizmos and gadgets? Why not splurge and get him a personalized and engraved docking station? This thoughtful gift is one way of hinting at him to stay organized, but they are also super stylish and great to have on display in his office or your living room.

Urban Map Drinking Glass- For the bartender in your partner, why not get him a customized urban map drinking glass? These can be found online, and you can take a map of the city you live in and have it etched on a pair of drinking glasses.

Hot Sauce Making Kit- There is just something about hot-sauces that guys seem to gravitate to. If your guy enjoys a challenge, why not give him a hot sauce making kit? Let him experiment and create his own hot sauce.

Beef Jerky Bouquet- You’ve heard of chocolate floral bouquets for that lucky lady in your life, now you can get that guy in your life a beef jerky bouquet. That’s right, you read correctly, you can get a beef jerky bouquet delivered to that meat-eater in your life.

Valentines Day Messages

Once you have considered what to get that special someone in your life for Valentines Day, now comes the time to think about the card. Sure, you can just give a gift without a card, but one of the best things about Valentines Day is the clever cards and messages.

Needing some inspiration? Here are some clever Valentines Day card messages that are sure to be a big hit.

* Happy Valentines Day to the one who puts up with Friday Night Football, hockey on Sunday, and guys night on Saturday. What more can I ask for in a strong and beautiful woman like you?                                                                                                                         * I love our story, sure it was messy and a rollercoaster, but it is our story and the story that brought us to this moment.                                                                                                           * I hope you know that I may not always say the right thing, but I love you.                               * This Valentines Day, I thought about what to give you that would show you how much you meant to me, then I realized that you have the most valuable thing  my heart.                         * Wishing Valentines Day filled with great wine, delicious food, and awesome friends like me.                                                                                                                                               * You make me laugh, you may me cry, sometimes you make me want to scream, but to my beautiful daughter/son, Happy Valentines Day!

Though Valentines Day comes once a year, remember you don’t just have to shower your special one with gifts on this day. If anything, you can show your partner just how much you love them at any time of the year. The gifts we have listed are perfect for any time of the year.

If you are tight on money, don’t feel stressed with trying to find and afford the perfect Valentines Day gift, consider a Valentines Day card with a personal message. What they are going to remember and appreciate the most are the kind and romantic words. So whether or not you are a fan of Cupid or the day itself, send a Valentines Day card and see just how much your loved one is going to appreciate the gesture.

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