shutterstock 1048752443 FloraQueen EN Five Pesky Plant Diseases to Watch out For

Five Pesky Plant Diseases to Watch out For

With the popularity of gardens expanding across the globe, another awareness is setting in. This awareness is focused on the looming threats that plants must face daily and how best to avoid some of the pesky plant diseases that can infect and destroy our lovely reserves of nature. As people become more health-conscious and are […]

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shutterstock 774893236 FloraQueen EN Three Fascinating Plants That Don't Need Soil to Thrive

Three Fascinating Plants That Don’t Need Soil to Thrive

Throughout the world, humans’ love for plants has become somewhat of an obsession, with cultivated varieties of every species overtaking even their native species in the race to be in every backyard and workplace. Along with this love for plants has come to the inevitable need to know precisely how best to grow each kind, […]

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shutterstock 1552487516 FloraQueen EN How Does a Greenhouse Work?

How Does a Greenhouse Work?

For those who live in a climate unfavorable to year-around gardening, a greenhouse is a solution. A greenhouse helps stimulate plant growth. A greenhouse also lets you grow plants that might not survive in a non-controlled environment. Understanding the workings of a greenhouse can help you get the most of yours. Here is some information […]

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shutterstock 789693961 FloraQueen EN Orchid Symbolism Is Hiding a Wonderful Meaning

Orchid Symbolism Is Hiding a Wonderful Meaning

If you are reading these lines, you must be someone curious or fond of flowers. Gorgeous flowers are worth every tiny bit of your interest! Humans have a complex history with flowers. They have been used as signs to express feelings, emblems for royalty, ornamental decorations for gardens, but also as medical herbs. One of […]

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shutterstock 1414558430 FloraQueen EN What is the Most Poisonous Plants to Humans?

What is the Most Poisonous Plants to Humans?

Many of the plants you have in your yard, garden, and home look pretty, but they can also be quite dangerous. It is important to arm yourself with information about poisonous plants to humans so that you don’t risk your health and that of your children and friends. In this article, you are going to […]

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shutterstock 1143052274 FloraQueen EN Fun Cactus Puns for Your Next Plant Joke

Fun Cactus Puns for Your Next Plant Joke

Everyone loves a good joke, and when it comes to prickly plants, there are plenty of cactus puns to choose from. Cactus plants make great gifts for your friends and loved ones. They are easy to care for and add lots of beauty and character to any room they are placed in. They usually come […]

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shutterstock 92770366 FloraQueen EN Delving into the World of Plant Symbolism

Delving into the World of Plant Symbolism

For millennia human beings have tinkered with and attempted to delve into plant physiology and extract their many-sided benefits. From the psychological effects of psychedelics to the medicinal uses of fungi, we have found numerous ways to improve the health of our bodies and minds and explore the more spiritual nature of our reality through […]

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shutterstock 117979837 FloraQueen EN The Beauty of an Orchid and More

The Beauty of an Orchid and More

It is worth more than a carnation, more elegant than a rose, and symbolic of everything from life, love, and happiness. Whether it is given in a pot or as part of a bouquet, the orchid is known as delicate and luxurious flower. During the times of Zeus in ancient Greece, the orchid symbolized fertility […]

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shutterstock 1147671866 FloraQueen EN How Colored Orchids Are Made

How Colored Orchids Are Made

The orchid is considered one of the most ornamental, delicate, and graceful plants in the world. It is a flower that is portrayed as luxurious and elegant, all the while symbolizing strength. In ancient times Greece, the orchid represented fertility, and as time went on, the flower bloomed into being a flower of wealth, power, […]

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Plants in bedroom title

Pros and Cons to Plants In The Bedroom

The bedroom might not seem like a natural place to keep a plant, especially if you’re a messy or forgetful person by nature. However, even if you don’t have a single green-finger you’d be surprised by the choice of plants that even a gardening noob can keep without killing and the many benefits that having them […]

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anti-anxiety plants title

6 Plants With Amazing Anti-Anxiety Effects

We all feel a bit wound up sometimes and in these ever stressful times, a little relief is sometimes necessary. Luckily we have only to look to nature for the solution. It seems in many cases the first steps to a more zen environment are a few simple houseplants as many of these green, stoic […]

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Orchid colours title card

Orchid Colors: Everything You Need to Know About it

Orchids produce some of the most refined flowers in the world and with so many different colored varieties you might sometimes feel spoiled for choice. Today we’re going to simplify things by taking a look at the full spectrum of orchid colors to explore and explain just what it means when you send these magnificent […]

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Scary tree in forest

6 Times Plants Made us Scream in Movies

In the imaginative realm of horror cinema the world of plants provides fertile ground (literally in this case) for a lot of terrifying concepts. For a bit of fun and as Halloween is nearly here, we’ve collected together a few of the times when plants made us scream in movies and gave us cause to fear our […]

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Man looking after plant

6 Great Plants for Men

Choosing a present for the men in your life is often a struggle, no matter if it’s for your Dad, a brother, your uncle or your Grandad.  While many men are often cryptic at best about their gift preferences lots of them love to be pleasantly surprised with something out of the ordinary and for […]

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shutterstock 431627575 1 FloraQueen EN Guinness World Records about flowers and plants

Guinness World Records about flowers and plants

We all love the world of flowers and plants. We love it for its beauty but it also for its irregularity. As you’ll see, sometimes it produces very curious versions of its natural state! Here, we look at a selection of impressive man made world records and a few natural peculiarities. Which of these impresses you […]

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iStock 60774260 MEDIUM FloraQueen EN Flowers and plants are NOT our pet’s best friends!

Flowers and plants are NOT our pet’s best friends!

Spring is here and we start spending more time outside. And it’s not just us- also our cats and dogs enjoy the great outdoors. Spring is a lovely time and if you want to make the best of it, you may want to learn which plants and flowers are safe and which to avoid when taking […]

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