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The Top 10 Most Romantic Flowers For Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day is a time of flowers. With so many beautiful emotional bouquets and types of flower to choose from you might not be alone in wondering where to start with Valentine’s flowers. To make things a bit simpler, we’ve collated the top 10 most romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day 2019, so anyone can successfully […]

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Valentine’s Day 2018 in Numbers

With Valentine’s Day 2018 now well and truly over, it’s time to look back on what sort of a year it was in terms of the flowers people sent. It was probably one of the busiest years in terms of the volume and variety of bouquets we sent here at FloraQueen, and now that the […]

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Single rose with I love you message

The Most Romantic Messages That Will Impress on Valentine’s Day

There is nothing more likely to set your true love’s heart aflame than a sweet romantic message to accompany your bouquet on Valentine’s Day. Flowers are the perfect way to say so many things without words, however by adding a thoughtful message to your delivery card or note, you’re sure to dazzle your recipient in […]

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Red Rose Bouquets

The Meaning of Roses by number- Part 1

People adore saying “I love you” with roses. Of all the flowers they are the number one way for people to express their affections. What you may not have realised is that the numerology of roses plays an additional and perhaps equally significant role in the symbology of these classic flowers as the colour. We’re […]

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