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Kingston is located on the southeast coast of Jamaica and this city serves as its capital. Kingston was initially established as a refugee community after the devastating Port Royal earthquake of 1692. It did not take long for the city to emerge as an important trading port in the Caribbean and urban sprawl soon began to define this growing town. Thanks to relatively steady trading and after the development of the waterfront portion of the city, Kingston quickly became the commercial and economic heart of Jamaica.

Following a path quite similar to many emerging cities in the world, Kingston is now becoming recognised as an important financial hub. The government has likewise encouraged outside investment and there are plans to build an international financial centre to help foster further investment. However, it should not be overlooked that Kingston has always been an extremely popular tourist destination and a sizable portion of its income is derived from this industry. Boasting an amenable climate and offering enticing financial opportunities, Kingston is very much a city on the rise.

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