The perfect flowers to send for every occasion

Celebrating a special event soon? As you already know, flowers are a safe bet to impress with on a special occasion. However, flowers have their own language where each variety and species carries its own meaning and sends a specific message. You probably wouldn’t want to send the same bouquet to a wedding as you would to welcome a new baby to your family. Additionally, it’s important to consider the specific characteristics of your chosen recipient and whether he or she is a friend or an acquaintance. To help you make the right decision for the right celebration, we’ve created this simple guide to ensure you always send the best flowers to suit any occasion.

What flowers should you give for a birthday?

To wish someone the happiest birthday of all, take advantage of bouquets that are composed of bright and colourful flowers to send warm greetings on your loved one’s special day, while remembering to choose the flowers that suit the personal style of your recipient. If you want to shower a family member with flowers on their birthday, there’s no doubting that a bouquet of lilies or roses will work in a pinch. If you’re sending flowers to a friend, try an arrangement of peonies or gerberas, to express all the joy he or she makes you feel. For the birthday of your beloved, we recommend a sublime bouquet of red roses or tulips to show your love in the strongest way possible.

Birthday flowers

What flowers should you give for Mother’s Day?

Flowers are a classic treat to spoil your mom with on Mother's Day. However, it’s not always easy to choose the perfect bouquet to express all the love you feel for the woman who gave you life. If you want to send a gift that never fails, roses are a safe choice because they perfectly suit all personalities and will help you celebrate all the joy you’ve experienced together. If you want to send flowers that transmit a more nuanced message, pink carnations are a fantastic option as they symbolize maternal love. This is also true of gerberas, which are synonymous with elation and affection. If you want to share a typical seasonal flower for Mother’s Day, then choose peonies which bloom during May and are ideal to surprise your beloved mom with.

Mother´s day flowers

What flowers should you give for Valentine’s Day?

Flowers on Valentine’s day will be your key ally to express all the happy feelings you have for your true love. A red bouquet is one of the best ways to shout your love from the rooftops, as red is the colour of passion. Roses are almost infallible when it comes to delivering a message of burning love on Valentine’s Day. Just remember, every single rose adds meaning to your bouquet. For example, 3 red roses means “I love you”, while 12 is symbolic of infinite love. As a result, the more roses in your bouquet, the stronger your love is. If your relationship is just starting out, pink roses or peonies are a much better option as both symbolise strong affection. If your love has been a secret until now and you want to lift the veil on your feelings, purple flowers are the perfect way to bring them out into the open.

Valentine´s day

What flowers should you give on an anniversary?

While red roses are the classic choice for expressing your love and are a good option for any relationship celebration, wedding anniversaries are a little more particular. In their case your choice of flowers will depend on the length of your marriage. This tradition comes from the Victorian era where couples would send sweet messages to each other using the language of flowers. If you’re celebrating your very first wedding anniversary you should send a carnation - it doesn’t matter if it’s red, pink or white - as they reflect the joy of commitment. When you reach your 10th anniversary, daffodils are given to show the constant renewal of your relationship. Asters are the flower of choice for your 20th anniversary as they represent wisdom and good fortune. When you reach your silver anniversary (25 years), it’s more common to give irises which are synonymous with faith, hope, wisdom and fulfilled promises. When it comes time to celebrate your 30th anniversary, lilies are the perfect flower to express your devotion and the beauty of your feelings.


What are the best flowers for wedding decorations?

In order to make your wedding decorations sublime, there’s nothing better than flowers adorning your reception venue. When making the perfect choice for your wedding bouquet you need to remember that the season and the theme of your wedding is crucial.

Summer weddings

If like most couples, you will say “I do” in the summer, we recommend yellow flowers to help you capture the joy and wonder of the big day. Sunflowers can give your decor a perfect rustic touch. As for the bride's bouquet, opt for a floral composition mixing yellow and white hues. For a rural wedding, lavender is an essential component. With its sweet scent, your guests will remember the happiest day of your life for a long time after. If you want to add a little bit of extra romance to your big day, then try pastel-coloured roses to create a poetic atmosphere. For a bohemian wedding, we would recommend a floral decoration using chamomile and other daisies.

Autumn weddings

If your union will take place in autumn, it’s a good idea to add a touch of light joviality to the occasion. Blue thistles are perfect to bring bright colour to your celebration. According to some, it could even protect your big day against bad luck! Anemones, which are symbols of sincere love, are ideal to give the day some bohemian spirit. Allow yourself to be seduced by their colourful petals, which have a shape reminiscent of a wedding dress. For more originality, why not try some craspedia (sometimes known as woollyheads). Their yellow pompoms will illuminate your floral compositions.

Winter weddings

Conviviality and gentleness will be the key themes of your winter wedding. White buttercups, which flower all season, are synonymous with romance and grace. This colour will perfectly represent the nobility of your day and will call to mind the pure whiteness of snow. Amaryllis, the queen of winter flowers, can also lend itself perfectly to the occasion. It is perfect to give character to your centerpieces and your wedding breakfast. Simplicity and tenderness will also be at the rendezvous if you opt for fetching cotton flowers.

Spring weddings

There’s really nothing like a spring wedding! The scents and colours of the season are sure to captivate you. Cherry blossoms will enhance your decorations with their dreamlike petals that can add a poetic touch to your day. Alternatively, add a romantic scent to your reception with the help of beautiful peonies or use white freesias to offer a dose of freshness and elegance. Or, for a more bohemian atmosphere, decorate with gypsophila to give the day an ethereal feel. Finally, lilacs are a must to embellish your floral composition, with their pleasant fragrance that will undeniably amaze your guests!

What are the best plants for wedding decorations?

It is true that flowers always come to mind if you want natural decorations for your wedding. However, that doesn’t mean plants cannot add a sublime touch to your wedding day. There are plants that, in addition to beautifully adorning your tables and buffets, will deliver a subtle message that your union is durable and strong. Olive trees, a symbol of peace, longevity and fidelity, will perfectly convey the strength of your feelings. You can also rely on orchids to bring a touch of freshness and exoticism to the best day of your life. For a truly green wedding, you can opt for succulents for a little extra character in your decor. You can also take advantage of side branches, eucalyptus leaves in winter or ears of wheat in summer to help fill your reception venue with natural charm.

What flowers should you give for a wedding?

The golden rule for wedding flowers is to avoid giving yellow coloured blooms, as this could imply infidelity. Chrysanthemums and carnations are also better avoided as they can be synonymous with misfortune. To ensure you make the right choice for the happy couple’s gift, we recommend sending the bride and groom a beautiful bouquet of white lilies to emphasise the purity and nobility of their love. Additionally, these lilies will compliment the bride’s dress and its symbolism perfectly. We would also suggest gifting flowers that reflect joy and happiness such as daisies, magnolias or gerberas. If it’s a spring wedding, it’s traditional to offer purple tulips to offer the newlyweds your best wishes.

Wedding Flowers

What are the most beautiful flowers to celebrate a new baby?

With a birth being a joyful event, it’s a good idea to give flowers which also reflect this happy time. To congratulate young parents, nothing beats a cheerful and bright bouquet composed of yellow flowers, to represent the sun on a brand new day. It’s a good idea to give flowers which have large petals, symbolising new beginnings or the emergence of something beautiful. Sunflowers, daisies, lilies or gerberas with yellow hues are all appropriate to welcome their bundle of joy to the world and will express all the excitement that your loved ones will encounter as parents.

New baby

What are the best flowers to say thank you?

Flowers are the ideal partner when you want to show your appreciation to someone who’s done a service for you or offered you their support. A round bouquet with elegant charm is perfect to help recognise the gesture and its shape allows your flowers to fit any vase. The type of blooms you choose will depend on your relationship with the recipient and the reason for your gratitude. If you’re celebrating a friend and thanking them for their unfailing support, alstroemerias, begonias or daffodils will do the trick. If you want to give thanks for services rendered then opt for bell flowers, which are known for being symbolic of gratitude. If you want to thank wedding guests or recognise another special event, white roses and lilies will help express your most sincere feelings.

Thank you

What are the best flowers to give to someone who’s in mourning?

Whilst it is customary to send flowers to commemorate the loss of a loved one, choosing the right flowers for sad events like funerals can be tricky. The best flowers to send to offer sincere condolences are normally white, so you can fully express your love and dedication to the deceased or those grieving. White lilies, which are known for being symbols of purity and nobility, are a common choice, as are white roses. If the dearly departed was not as close, but you still want to send a token of your dedication we suggest sending carnations to signify sober and sincere regret. The most common mourning flower of all however, are chrysanthemums. These flowers were once used to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers and will offer a strong symbol to express your sadness.


What are the best flowers to give at Christmas?

During the yuletide season, there are lots of choices of flowers to delight your loved ones with. During the most wonderful time of the year, it’s common to give plants which are well known for their Christmas spirit. The star of the show is obviously the Poinsettia, which is sometimes known internationally as the “Christmas Star”. It originates in Central America and boasts distinctive bright red and green leaves, which will delight its recipient. Holly is another traditional plant and is perfect to add a little greenery to the dinner table. Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) is also a must at this time of year for adding some red and green colour to your decor. For something a little bit different, why not try sending someone a beautiful orchid or some red and white flowers to get them in the holiday spirit. Bouquets of roses, amaryllis and hyacinths work perfectly if you want to achieve this.

Christamas Flowers

Should we give flowers on International Women’s Day on March 8th?

It’s not as customary to give flowers on March 8th for International Women’s Day. Nevertheless, this date can be an opportunity to pay tribute to the important women in your life by delivering them an intense message with flowers. Yellow dahlias and white carnations are fantastic choices if you wish to express a message of support and gratitude to an important woman in your life. You might also want to take inspiration from the people of Italy, who since 1946 have offered yellow mimosa flowers to female friends and family on March 8th. This beautiful yellow flower that blooms in March is a wonderful symbol of happiness and vitality. Giving mimosas on International Women’s Day is a great way to honour a special women you know and is a symbol of affection that will certainly be appreciated.

Women´s day

What are the best flowers to say that you’re sorry?

Flowers are great when it comes to expressing your feelings and are often used to ask for forgiveness. In the language of flowers, in addition to symbolising joy, yellow roses are often seen as the flower of forgiveness. However, remember they will have a different meaning depending on if you’re sending them to a friend or to your sweetheart. For instance, if you want to make up with your partner, yellow roses may imply that you’re apologising for infidelity! To avoid misunderstandings such as this, it’s better to send roses or lilies of an alternate colour. Other flowers commonly associated with apologies are daffodils or anemones. When it comes to choosing the right colour, try to choose a shade that suits the taste of your recipient. If you don’t know the person well, opt for soft tones and avoid excessive colour mixing.

Flowers to say sorry

Can we send flowers just for fun?

If you want to surprise a loved one out of the blue without having a special occasion to celebrate, flowers are the ideal choice as they always add joy to a normal day. With their beautiful scents, colours and appearance, it’s hard not to smile when getting flowers as a surprise gift. There is so much variety to choose from to satisfy all tastes and styles. If you want to surprise “just because” or just for fun, you can choose from almost any flower of any colour you wish. From roses to gerberas, through tulips, alstroemerias and lilies, you can rest assured your surprise will be a success. Be careful however, there are some flowers which could accidentally communicate a negative message. Be careful when sending yellow roses, which symbolise infidelity; petunias, which express anger; yellow carnations, which express contempt or narcissus, which is associated with coldness.

Just because

What are the best flowers to congratulate someone?

Whether you decide on congratulating someone on their retirement, getting a driver’s license, passing an exam or starting a new job, flowers are the perfect gift to convey all your emotions. When choosing the perfect congratulations bouquet, we suggest choosing one based on the favourite colours of your recipient. By tailoring flowers to their tastes you will demonstrate your care and conscientiousness perfectly. If however you aren’t sure of their preferences, we recommend sending a bouquet in light tones composed of flowers like tulips and roses. In the case of joy, yellow is also an ideal colour to congratulate a loved one. Sunflowers are an excellent choice when it comes to yellow flowers. For the best effect, send a bouquet comprising several flower types with soft hues.


What are the best flowers to wish someone a speedy recovery?

Do you have a loved one who’s recovering from an accident, illness or injury? Flowers are a great way to express your support and wish them a speedy recovery. Sharing a bouquet of their favourite colour flowers is one of the best ways to do this. Alternatively, choose the best get well bouquet by selecting blooms that connote happiness and optimism. Daisies are among the best flowers to send in this case, whose bright colours add light and freshness to a hospital room. Radiant peonies are also known for encouraging healing in the language of flowers and will convey your feelings of compassion and comfort beautifully. Finally, hydrangeas, which are symbolic of perseverance, are also an ideal choice if you want to send healing wishes with flowers.

Get well