The best start

Our 1-minute video will show you how quick and easy it is to make your flowers last longer.

Fresh flowers don't last forever, which is part of their appeal. We guarantee that our bouquets will stay fresh for at least a week but with these extra tips you can enjoy their magic a few days longer.

Let them breathe

Remove the wrapping and string protecting the bouquet before placing it in the vase.


You can reassemble the composition yourself if it comes apart when untied.

Cut the stems

Use a knife to cut the tips of the stems every 2 days to keep the flowers hydrated.


Cut diagonally so that they absorb water better.

Fill the Vase with 2 thirds water

Use a glass vase and make sure all the stems touch the water.


Change the water every 2 days to prevent the spread of naturally occurring bacteria.

Flower Feed

Add the preservative envelope that accompanies your bouquet and let it dissolve in the water.


If you don't have any, add a little sugar to the water with a splash of lemon juice.

Keep them away from bright sun and draughts

Direct sun can wither your bouquet. Find a cool place with natural light away from draughts.


Place your bouquet where you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Care for different flowers


Remove any submerged leaves in the water so that your roses don't rot. Also removes the less attractive outer petals called safety petals, which protect the roses during shipping. Remove any withered petals with care: roses are easily bruised.


Some lilies will arrive closed so they don't get damaged during shipping. If you want to speed up their opening, place them in a warm area of the house. Removing their stamens can also help your lilies last longer and prevent pollen from weakening their petals.


Gerberas can last up to 2 weeks! They consume water quickly: make sure you fill the vase regularly. Additionally, gerberas will begin to bend if the water isn't clean enough. Avoid this by cutting the stems diagonally every 2 days.


Tulips have a tendency to twist their stem towards sunlight: you can turn the vase once a day to avoid it. To accelerate the opening process if they arrive closed, add a little warm water to the vase.

Curiosities about the flowers that have just arrived


The flowers endure a lot during the delivery process. With fresh water and the packet of flower feed in the vase, they'll quickly perk up.


Fresh flowers don't have roots to filter the bacteria that forms in the vase. That's why it's important to always keep the water in the vase clean.


If you place your bouquet in the kitchen, keep it away from fruit and vegetables. They emit ethylene gas, which will cause your flowers to wilt.


Be careful if you have pets. Lilies and alstroemerias can be toxic to some animals. Keep them out of reach and make sure to pick up any leaves or petals that fall.


Fresh flowers help relaxation and the elimination of stress. They also stimulate creativity and productivity.


Fresh flowers purify the air and improve humidity in their surroundings. They also help eliminate toxins and electrical fields that electronic devices emit.


Having fresh flowers in the home is an ideal experience to share with the most important people in your life.