Monarch Club

We want every gift you send to be as special as it can possibly be.

With that in mind we have created the Monarch Club where you will have access to the best offers, special discounts, exclusive products, personalized customer service and all at the click of a button.

We have exclusive benefits & surprises waiting for you!

By joining FloraQueen’s Monarch Club you will benefit from our special point system. Our points are called butterflies and you can get them in many different fun ways.

Collect butterflies and profit from the most exclusive deals you can find!

You will never miss another important date thanks to the help of our special event calendar you can also keep track of all worldwide celebrations.

Ordering will be easier thanks to the help of our address book and speedy checkout.

You can keep track of all communications and have your favorite bouquets already picked out and ready to be sent!

Is it your birthday? We want to celebrate it with you, there is a special surprise and free points waiting for you.

Join now and we will give you 20 points just for registering!

What are you waiting for?