Crazy Daisies: Mixed Daisies

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What our customers say

Roger A. Parker (Sibiu)
Fast and on time. I'm in the USA and they are in Romania
Carmen Jereb (Haarlem)
Really liked the arrangement and looked better than the photo online. Thank you
Mr (Purchena)
Very good service and delivery
Sharon (Mount Glorious)
Service great and flowers beautiful
John Wadsworth (Hangenbieten)
Super arrangement delivered on time ! thank you !
Lucie (København)
Perfect job
Oksana Klampfer (Wien)
Dear Team,I was ordering now a bunch of flowers for my aunt on international women’s day!Bestellnummer: 66093554There was a nice discount and the final amount was several euros less. Then I got a message that I can get a 20% discount if I type “Women” in rabatt line. So I did, made another order for my sister(Auftragsbestätigung Ihrer Bestellung Nr. 66093595) and surprisingly enough this order 1) didn’t have a discount 2) was much more expensive, although the initial price was the same as the previous order!Yet I paid both orders with a delivery on March,8 ( all flowers arrived successfully!) but I appreciate if you could clarify the situation with the 2nd order!Regards,Oksana Klampfer
Maria (Madrid)
The flowers are beatiful and my favourite colours
Bruno Guapo (Milano)
Everything went as planned. Delivery was fast and flowers were fresh and well handled. All good.
Henk (Mangualde)
trust is the most important thing for webshops. Afterwards my experience with FloriaQueen was great. Try to be more trustful already from the beginning.
Beny (Ivry sur Seine)
We ordered and they delivered..... Every side made his best..... The result: our friends were very very happy!
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