Dove Wings: Carnations and Roses

Dove Wings: Carnations and Roses
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Same day delivery
Beautiful fresh flowers
Arranged by local artisan florists

7 days of freshness

Thanks to our high quality flowers, our bouquets will stay fresh for 7 days.

What our customers say

Maria (Colmenarejo)
Perfect and beautiful. THanks
Vanessa (Mannheim)
Good Service Really Loved the Flowers
Geunther Iwersen (Krasnoyarsk)
Very fast and good service.
Marcos Yt (Valencia/La Cañada)
I think this not have solution now. It wasnt so big like I expected looking at the picture of the web but was cute anyway. Dont worry...
Alberto (Larnaka)
This is the second time I have used FloraQueen to deliver flowers to Cyprus and I am really happy with it. No reservations at all.
Adrian Florea (Bratislava)
The service worked great. The flowers were beautiful and today/27th of July they still look fresh (they were sent on 21st of July). I asked that the delivery person to be able to talk to the beneficiary in english/german, because it was a foreigner, and this request was fullfiled. There was only one small issue regarding the delivery hour. I asked for delivery between 14:30/15:30 and the actual delivery took place around 12:00. It was pure luck that the recipient could answer his phone, otherwise the delivery person would have to return. Bottom line - money wise Vs service/goods quality is a very good ratio.
Gino Novia
Sending someone flowers thousands of kilometres away can be hard decision to make. Choosing a company to send the right message can be difficult as well. When I chose FloraQueen to deliver flowers, I had no idea how they would repesent me. Judging by the extreamly positive response I received, I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone. Thank you to the entire team at FloraQueen for making my experience a most positive one. Easy for a 5 star rating!!!!
Catriona Robertson
easy to order and good to know how order was progressing, only thing was they said they would tell me when order was delivered but I did not receive this notification. Did get updated to all other progress
Liam Riddick
I sent flowers to Paris from the UK. The picture of the flowers I chose were beautiful. They were called Innocence. After receiving a picture of the delivery I was surprised that they looked nothing like the picture advertising the original flowers. They were pretty but not what I ordered!
Arzumanyan Rima
Everything was great ! Flowers were delivered on time
Veronica Boutte
The florist in France ran out of white roses, and remembered the deceased's favorite flowers, allowing timely delivery. FloraQueen always has the best service and courteous ways.
Nicole Vrabel
The flowers arrived on time for Valentine's Day. However they were not what I expected. The picture online showed white calla lilies in the arrangement but there were none in the bouquet. I was disappointed because those are my favorite flowers and I wanted to share my favorite with my love.
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