Merry Christmas: Shiny Poinsettia

Merry Christmas: Shiny Poinsettia
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What our customers say

Margaret Knott (Köln)
Thank you it was lovely, my daughter really loved it. Unfortunately the gift card 4 E was not sent with it, so she didn't know who it was from! Bit unfortunate, however the quality of poinsettia was great.
Kathion (Monterrey)
So happy for my surprise!
Alana (San Martín de Valdeiglesi)
Really beautiful flowers
Federica (Barcelona)
It was a lovely surprise and the plant is simply stunning
Georgiana (Marbella)
Mulțumită de serviciu și produs.
Dominique (Champguyon)
Very nice and unexpected
Sharontate (Singapore)
The service was straight forward and the poinsettia plant I order arrived on time. The only issue I have was the price of the plant which was £52 for a plant I can buy for £5 in any store in the UK. The price of flowers are also very expensive.
Dina (Weilheim)
It was delivered on time and looked like the picture.
Nebraska Usa (Mannedorf)
works very well for international flower delivery tk you
Mrs. (Volos)
Beautiful flowers, ,efficient service
Susan Hawkesworth
The flowers were very nice but the name of who it was from was left out
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