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Exclusive Valentine’s Day roses


Red roses are the main flowers on Valentine’s Day thanks to their ability to transmit feelings of love, passion and romanticism.

Great gift ideas

A bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day

Have you ever heard the famous song “Rosas” by the band “La Oreja de Van Gogh”? It is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic songs ever written in Spanish and roses are its protagonists. The song talks about a beautiful love story that ended, the boy is long gone, but the girl waits every Friday for him to appear with a bouquet of roses, “with a thousand roses for me”, as the singer says. If you are looking for the best ideas to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day, why not write her a romantic email first thing in the morning with a link to that song? Do it early so that your email arrives before the beautiful red roses that FloraQueen will deliver to her wherever you want. Home, the office, the workplace, wherever your partner is on Valentine’s Day, we will deliver the highest-quality bouquet of fresh flowers of your choice. What are you waiting to place your order and give her your love on a perfect Valentine’s Day?

All your love in a bouquet

Valentine’s Day is a day where love is in the air, in every corner, there are small details that make us feel the romanticism and the passion around. It’s the ideal day to remind the most special person in your life how much you love her and everything you would do for her. A gift or present is one of the most usual ways to do it. Did you know that on Valentine’s Day men mostly buy flowers for their partners, whereas women usually prefer buying romantic cards to surprise their loved one? There are as many choices and options as there are happy couples in the world, each one with their own taste, history and preferences. In FloraQueen we help you choose the best gift to surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Bouquets are a safe bet, especially bouquets of red roses, a total classic on this date. On the other hand, you can also choose to send her one of our unique Valentine’s Day gifts, like flowers with perfumes, with a piece of jewelry, with chocolates and much more. Love is in the air!