shutterstock 1123555682 FloraQueen Azalea: The Flower as Old as Time

Azalea: The Flower as Old as Time

The azalea flower has gained significance in multiple cultures, dating back to 70 million years ago. To give you a better mental picture, the azalea is a flowering shrub that begins blooming between May and June into quaint, charming, and soft flowers. Not only is this flower beautiful on the outside but it has many […]

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shutterstock 675285595 FloraQueen Blanket Flowers: Characteristics, Myths, and Year-round Enjoyment

Blanket Flowers: Characteristics, Myths, and Year-round Enjoyment

Introduction  The gaillardia flower, whose common name is the blanket flower, is a vivacious perennial flower used in gardens during the summer months. The blanket flower is a perfect choice for informal gardens as well as for borders and containers on your patio. There are between 25 and 30 species of the plant, which was […]

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shutterstock 549069301 FloraQueen A Guide to Picking the Perfect Prom Flowers

A Guide to Picking the Perfect Prom Flowers

Prom is a very exciting experience for high school students. Boys and girls get to dress up, pair up with dates, and have an evening to remember among friends and classmates. Leading up to the prom, there is a lot of preparation to do. From getting outfits to planning transport, it’s all part of the […]

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shutterstock 649671361 FloraQueen Butterfly Pea Flower

Butterfly Pea Flower

The butterfly pea flower is an interesting and somewhat exotic flower, which is originally native to parts of Asia. The beautiful flower actually comes from a herb, and it grows in many different locations, though it tends to be trailing or scrambling for the most part. It is renowned for its many supposed medicinal qualities […]

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shutterstock 605112734 FloraQueen Great Perennial Flowers to Plant This Year

Great Perennial Flowers to Plant This Year

If you have a green thumb, you probably put a lot of thought into which flowers and plants to add to your garden. It’s also important to understand the growing seasons so that you take appropriate care and know when to expect blooms. Even if you are not much of a garden person but want […]

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shutterstock 263651885 FloraQueen 10 Naturally Green Flowers

10 Naturally Green Flowers

How many green flowers do you know? Flowers come in many different shapes and colors. The most common flower colors include shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple. It is also possible to cultivate flowers in many unique shades, thanks to modern growing methods. One color that isn’t very common among flowers is green, but […]

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shutterstock 611801570 FloraQueen Bluebell Flower

Bluebell Flower

Flowers are a beautiful gift from Mother Nature. They are this amazing mixture of sweetness, affection, and love so intense and tender, all at the same time. With their very wide range of meanings, colors, and scents, they are the best tool to bring bright colors and beauty into your life and your environment. The […]

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shutterstock 12731443 FloraQueen California State Flower

California State Flower

You have probably seen this little orange flower in the gardens, but you didn’t figure out the name of this beauty. It comes straight from California. This perennial flower is called Escholtzia or the California golden poppy. This, of course, is the California state flower, and most people in the state are familiar with it. […]

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shutterstock 256027054 FloraQueen Sakura Flower - The Complete Guide

Sakura Flower – The Complete Guide

You have certainly heard of the spectacular flowering of cherry trees in Japan. If you haven’t, then, this article is for you. The sakura flower is also known by the name of the ornamental cherry tree. Sometimes, they are called Prunus serrulate, too. Furthermore, other cherry species have the same name. This flower is known […]

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shutterstock 1270538461 FloraQueen Snowdrop Flower

Snowdrop Flower

The snowdrop is a pretty little white flower that blooms in early spring and announces the end of winter. The snowdrop is unquestionably viewed as the beauty of spring. A symbol of hope, it takes its name from the fact that it arises from the ground despite the snow. Planted in the fall, the bulb […]

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shutterstock 135854930 FloraQueen Texas State Flower

Texas State Flower

Texas is one of the biggest states in the country, and it is also known as “The Lone Star State.” The identity of this state rests on living folklore including rodeo and country/western music, which is associated with the mythical image of the cowboy. Its culture reflects multiple influences and heritage including Native American, European, Hispanic […]

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shutterstock 1143037052 FloraQueen The Lifecycle of the Sunflower

The Lifecycle of the Sunflower

The only flower with the word “flower” in its name, the sunflower, can bring light to any garden. The sunflower is known for several reasons, from snacks and oil to privacy. Isn’t it crazy to think this giant flower comes from one little seedling? There are five major stages the sunflower encounters to complete its […]

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shutterstock 638840467 FloraQueen Viola Flowers

Viola Flowers

Nature is full of secrets and wonders that never cease to inspire admiration in the minds of human beings. Among them, we can count flowers as one of those pure visual and olfactory pleasures. They can express whatever your heart may hide, including feelings of love and consideration, and mostly embellish your beautiful garden. Viola […]

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shutterstock 586804622 FloraQueen Carnation Flowers: Their History, Meaning, and Care

Carnation Flowers: Their History, Meaning, and Care

Carnations come in hundreds of varieties and in many of the colors of the rainbow. They bring the hues of summer to your garden as well as to special occasions.  Cut flowers last for weeks making them a popular choice for boutonnieres, bouquets, and spring floral arrangements. As you read this, you can learn the […]

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shutterstock 535133038 FloraQueen Anatomy of a Flower

Anatomy of a Flower

Many of us can recognize the necessary parts of a flower. For example, the stem and the petals are easily identifiable. Flowers are actually very intricate structures that are integral to the plants’ ability to reproduce. Reproduction is what leads to flowers, seeds, and fruits. It is an essential function of a plant and is […]

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shutterstock 127247729 FloraQueen The Crocus Flower

The Crocus Flower

The beautiful crocus flower, not to be confused with the autumn crocus of the Lily family, is a sight for sore eyes found in gardens throughout the world. Often one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring season, the colorful crocus has sometimes been referred to as the lightbulb flower as its glowing […]

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shutterstock 320348006 FloraQueen Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants

One of the newest trends in landscaping is the addition of a pond to your yard.  Water gardens add visual interest as well as the pleasing sound of moving water. When installing a water feature or pond, it is essential to make it look as natural as possible. You want it to look as though […]

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shutterstock 519097372 FloraQueen Gardenia Flower

Gardenia Flower

The gardenia flower is a superb white flowering plant. Also known as cape jasmine, the gardenia is associated with feminine elegance and deep feelings.  The scent of this beauty is incredibly captivating and inimitable. The gardenia seduces with its powerful scent of jasmine delicately enhanced with vanilla. More often than not, the gardenia decorates the […]

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shutterstock 81205660 FloraQueen The Beautiful Heather Flower

The Beautiful Heather Flower

Despite its small size, the heather knows how to stand out throughout the year by its color and its leaves.  The heather flower, scientific name «Calluna vulgaris,” offers persistent foliage, which flourish even in difficult places and cold weather. The heather’s vibrant colors ranging from pink to white, purple, and red, draws attention and leaves […]

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shutterstock 1354294445 FloraQueen Hyacinth Flower

Hyacinth Flower

The hyacinth flower is a beautiful plant that flowers in the springtime. They flower closely together and give off a wonderful scent, making them a lovely addition to any garden. Hyacinths generally grow in white and purple, which are both classic and versatile colors to pair with other flowers in a bouquet or in a […]

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shutterstock 1045566217 FloraQueen Jessie Flower

Jessie Flower

The jessie Flower (Ipheion uniflorum), known also as “Spring Starflower,» is a bulbous perennial flowering plant with deciduous foliage of the Liliaceae family. The flower scent is so sweet and its blue color makes it look even more gorgeous. The flower is also known as “jessie “and comes from South America (Uruguay and Argentina). This […]

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shutterstock 582376483 FloraQueen Lupines: The Perfect Choice for Your Garden

Lupines: The Perfect Choice for Your Garden

Creating the perfect garden takes a lot of care and consideration. It is easy for one plant to ruin a beautiful garden because it is the wrong size, it doesn’t grow the same environment as the other plants, or because of various other reasons. If you are struggling to find an ideal plant to add […]

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shutterstock 344336054 FloraQueen The Plumeria Flower

The Plumeria Flower

The Plumeria flower, popularized throughout the world for its use in traditional Hawaiian leis, is a gorgeous, fragrant plant found in many areas. Its showy petals and gnarled branches evoke images of cheerful parties and beautiful islands. Let’s jump in and explore the many myths and legends associated with the plumeria, as well as all […]

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shutterstock 687006559 FloraQueen Wildflowers Around the World

Wildflowers Around the World

Whether they are gracing the inside of our homes, workspaces, or being grown in our gardens, the many flowering species that exist throughout the world hold a special place in the hearts and minds of humans. With so many varieties being cultivated every year, we sometimes forget that these gorgeous plants are just as wild […]

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