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Cheery Lily BouquetThe trend for the Vintage theme is not showing any sign of slowing down this wedding season. You can go for the full blown 1940’s style or if you prefer to go for the more simple approach with a few flowers in rustic looking displays, it is entirely up to you.

  • Vintage Wedding Bouquets
    Nothing sums up a summer wedding more than a vintage bouquet. Daisies, sweet peas and plenty of gypsophilia are just some of the flowers you can use in your bouquets, you don’t have to limit yourself to just a few. It depends on the shades and the colour palette you want to use in your bouquet. Make sure the style of your bouquet matches your wedding attire – a mismatched bouquet will totally ruin your wedding look. Seek inspiration from websites, magazines, and films. Last year we saw a lot of art deco inspired fashion and with the release of the Great Gatsby and period dramas like Downton Abbey. Gorgeous flapper style gowns accompanied by simple bouquets, calla lilies complete with peacock feathers or small rounded bouquets with vintage jewel inserts all played a role in making the look complete. The joy of this look is that they can also be used as matching button holes for the groom and ushers too and corsages for the guests.
  • Vintage Wedding Accessories
    Of course you aren’t limited to just your flower bouquet. A perfect vintage attribute is to wear flowers in your hair, floral crowns made a big impact last summer and they will most likely work better than a tiara as they help to soften the look and can be made up with flowers from your bouquet. A simple single flower worn in your hair can be quite dramatic without being over fussy. Try a lily for simple yet timeless elegance or for a more relaxed look try daisies- either dotted around or on their own. Of course you don’t have to have a bouquet, you can carry a clutch or small evening bag – perfect for stashing away a hanky and lippy. If the bag is plain then accessorise it with a single bud or some foliage from the floral theme of the day.
  • Vintage Wedding Settings
    When you have put so much effort into getting your flowers right it is just as important to set the scene and decorate the room properly. Luggage tags make great place name settings and continue with the vintage feel; attach them to favours or simply tie them around cutlery or chair backs. Decorate them with a flower from the bouquet.. Even simple things such as using tea lights in old jam jars, fairy lights and homemade bunting can enhance a room quite remarkably. Wild flowers and foliage set in an unusual container should help you complete the look and remain pretty budget friendly too. Whether you love the romance of roses or a huge ornate table display – as long as it all ties in with the other items you have for your theme it is entirely up to you.
    Instead of a gift table, why not use some old vintage props – a vintage suitcase left open for guests to leave their presents in or an old typewriter for them to leave you a message. Setting the scene is great excuse to have fun. What’s more, guests will appreciate the effort you have gone to make it fun for them as well.
  • Vintage Wedding Outfits
    The all-important man of the big day can get a look in too – this is where the guys can step out of the shadows of the plain old suit. Here, you can accessorise the look with a bow tie, quirky blazer and serious coiffure. If you prefer you can go all out madmen style and go for the double breasted slick suit with retro appeal. Make sure the suit choice coordinates with the theme and of course your dress.
    Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes for this style of wedding. Whether you go for a look from the 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s or 60’s it doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable wearing it. You aren’t limited to a long flowing dress either; shorter styles have been making a comeback.  Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to just one dress – why not have another one for the evening too?
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So as far as vintage goes – you can add as much or as little as you like and don’t forget that you can use your decoration ideas again in your home – a constant reminder of your most memorable day together.