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Sending flowers to Albania

Albania has been a strategic territory for world history many times, in fact, it belonged in the past to the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire and was under communist influence for a big part of the 20th century. A mix of cultures that, followed by one another in history, have shaped the current Albania. It is mostly a farming country, because half of its working population work in agriculture and there is not a strong urban nature, unlike many other European countries. Its biggest populated area Is its capital, Tirana, which has a population of over half a million people. There, a great part of the artistic and cultural life of the country is also gathered.

If you visit the city, you must know that many of the main places of interest are located around the famous Skanderbeg Square, dedicated to the homonymous country hero. The most notable is, without a doubt, the Palace of Culture, which includes the Theatre of the Opera, the National Ballet and the National Library. The mix of religions of the country can also be seen in its capital, since both Saint Paul’s Church, Catholic Orthodox, and Et’hem Bey Mosque coexist in its city center. Islam is the main religion in Albania, with 62% of the population; followed by Christianity, with 30%, formed by Catholics and Orthodox.

After visiting the main monuments of the capital, it is a good time to taste the local delicacies. Albanian cuisine is very influenced by Greek, Italian and Turkish gastronomy, and it is defined by its use of Mediterranean spices such as oregano or rosemary, and by its yogurt-based dishes. The sweet toothed will be able to enjoy the typical kadaif with nuts. Additionally, Albania is an extremely mountainous country and it has fourteen national natural parks worth visiting.

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