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Flower Delivery to Belem

Belém is a Brazilian city with a population of 1.4 million people. It is the gateway to the Amazon River, with a busy transportation network.

It was founded by the Portuguese in 1616 as the first European colony at the Amazon river. Belém is also known as the Cidade das Magueiras (Mango Tree City), as lots of these trees are found in the metropolis.

The tropical rainforest climate gives the city an average temperature of 26°C, with rainy and dryer seasons. Tropical plants and flowers are found throughout the city.

Because of its location, Belém lives partly on exportation. Aluminium, iron ore, Brazilian nuts, pineapples and hardwoods are just examples.

Tourism is very important for the city. Its public gardens, must-seen buildings, the immense cathedral Igreja da Sé and cultural centre are only examples of what appears to attract tourism.

The second Sunday of October, the procession of the Círio of Nazaré is celebrated. Thousands of people follow the saint through the streets of Belém, colourfully decorated with flowers.

Because of its flowers traditions, the perfect gift for your friends in Belém would be flowers delivered to your home. They will be delighted to receive a precious bouquet as a gift for special occasions.

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