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As the provincial capital, Quebec City is a major city within Canada. Named after the phrase "where the river narrows" in the native American language Algonquin, the vast majority of residents are French speaking. The city is twinned with a host of world capitals, including Paris and Istanbul, which just goes to show its great reputation worldwide. With over 3m of snow falling on average every year, the city is used to cold winters, with record low wind temperatures of below -50 degrees celsius, so a coat is essential for residents! This means that it is hard for many flowers to grow locally. Despite this, it is common for residents of Quebec City to have friends, loved ones or family living far away in other cities or even other countries. For this reason, it's perfect to make the most of FloraQueen's international flower delivery service. With our service, you can do all this in just a few clicks and you will be able to rest safe in the knowledge that a colourful and vibrant bouquet will be sure to put a smile on your friend, loved one or relative's face.

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