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Chile’s most famous flower is called the Copihue, a bell-shaped flower that can measure up to 20 metres. As the country’s most famous flower, it is no wonder the Copihue is the most widely used one when sending flowers in the country. This is because Chileans feel identified with it, and hence its reproduction is assured. If you're wondering where to order flowers, FloraQueen is available to Chileans wishing to send flowers anywhere in their country and the rest of the world with our online floral delivery service.

Santiago de Chile is the country’s capital, as well as its main town and financial centre. Despite it being a great city, many residents choose to try their luck elsewhere in order to grow professionally. This is why so many Chileans live in Spain today, and why flower deliveries are so common between the two countries, since immigrants use flowers to remember their families, friends and loved ones at important moments in their lives such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, special family dates, etc.

With FloraQueen you have the option to send flowers to the Chilean city of Antofagasta. Thanks to FloraQueen’s flower delivery service, you will only have to think about picking the flower bouquet you wish to send and providing all the delivery details. At FloraQueen, not only will we design your flower bouquet once you order flowers online, but we will also take care of your flower bouquet delivery in Antofagasta.

Viña del Mar is a Chilean city famous for its yearly music festival that brings together singers from across the globe, either as guests or participants. It is not uncommon in the days prior to the event for performers to receive international flower deliveries from all over the world from their fans and relatives. FloraQueen’s international flower delivery service is responsible for all flowers arriving in perfect condition at all times.

The Copihue usually grows in dense forests in Valparaiso. Naturally, this place has a special appreciation for the flower that represents the country and that helps advertise the city. If we want to send a little token to a resident of Valparaiso and make them smile, it is as easy as sending a bouquet of Copihue flowers to them.

Talcahuano is a city located in central Chile that is mostly devoted to fishing and industry, two professions that are considered their great pride. However, despite strenuous efforts devoted to these activities, flowers also play an important role in the city and many different species can be found everywhere. Chileans love flowers, and whenever they cannot find them in parks and gardens in order to treat their loved ones, they still want to send someone flowers and do not hesitate to enlist FloraQueen’s flower delivery services.

San Bernardo is definitely the folklore capital of the country, as each year it celebrates an International Folklore Festival that brings together many local and international artists. It is therefore common for singers and guests’ rooms to be filled with colour in the days running up to the festival thanks to FloraQueen’s international flower delivery service.

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