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Larnaca is the third-largest city in Cyprus after Nicosia and Limassol. Larnaca is home to the nation's largest airport as well as stunning beaches and a decidedly agreeable climate. This is also one of the most ancient regions in the world, for it is known that inhabitants were known to have settled here as early as the 13th century BCE. Therefore, many archaeological sites can be found in and around Larnaca. As this location is also a port city, Larnaca was an important trade hub for Cyprus and indeed many other civilisations. Unsurprisingly, shipping and transport still flourish here. In modern times, many major tourism offices can be found throughout this ancient city.

There are many historic sites which still exist and that are enjoyed by travellers visiting the area. Some of the most prominent are the Larnaca Castle, the Church of Saint Lazarus, the Kamares Aqueducts and the immortal palm trees that line the seafront. As the city is situated in an agreeable Mediterranean climate, it has become a popular tourist spot since the 1970s.

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