Estonia is a country steeped in tradition. It also retains strong links with a past that lives on in legends of medieval torture, mysterious heroes and buried-alive virgins whose ghosts are said to wander the houses and streets of the Old Town of Tallin. Other areas hold mysteries of their own.

Parnu is a city that is said to wield a mystical power over human emotions. Passions related to love or hate are reported to be overwhelmingly more intense here than anywhere else in Estonia. It does, however, have a brand new concert hall and stunning beaches on which to relax and unwind.

Valga is on the Estonian/Latvian border. It is frequented by many students of trade and industry who attend the vocational training centre. It also boasts good medical facilities that are visited by Estonians from further afield.

Both the ancient and modern aspects of Estonia are appreciated by residents and visitors alike. A vibrant nightlife and excellent cuisine soon soothe nerves that may become slightly jangled by the ghostly elements.

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