Gibraltar, also known as the ‘Rock’, has a wealth of history and natural beauty just waiting to be discovered. Set between Europe and Africa, the panoramic views are breathtaking, and the magnificent plants and flowers in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve are magnificent. Moreover, on the subject of shopping, Gibraltar’s tax-free status makes shopping a great deal of fun.

The Rock is well known for its naughty Barbary macaques that reside high up in the rock (at the middle cable-car station stop) in the Ape’s Den and the Great Siege Tunnels. They originally came from Morocco way back in the 1800s and have been a tourist attraction ever since. These strange creatures without tails do like to catch visitors unaware and grab their bag or food, so watch out! There are some fantastic things to do including exploring the natural grotto at St. Michael’s Cave, and learning about the fascinating Moorish Castle that was built in 1333. What’s more, taking the cable car is lots of fun, not least because of the impressive views.

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