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Guatemala is a country placed in Central America which has a big biodiversity and natural wealth. Also, the Mayans are the leading civilization of their past, with great advances in writing, mathematics and astronomy. Currently, the country has a population of over sixteen million people, and its national flower is the white nun, a very particular type of orchid.

Although it’s true that the country is located thousands of kilometers away from Spain, you can now feel very close to your loved ones thanks to our international flower shipping service to Guatemala. Whether it’s to celebrate an event that deserves it or just to tell your friends and family how much you miss them, sending flowers to Guatemala has never been easier, quicker and more comfortable than with FloraQueen.

Guatemala City is the most populated city of the country, and also its capital. For this reason, sending flowers to Guatemala City is a frequent request. If you know someone who lives there, why not expressing your best wishes by offering them a bouquet?

Sending flowers to Quetzaltenango from anywhere in the planet is now a reality thanks to our flower delivery service. If you want to send a bouquet to the second city in the country, and also the one with the most education centers per resident, trust FloraQueen and your loved ones will receive high-quality flowers.

The third most popular city in Guatemala is Escuintla, famous for its sugarcane plantations and its production of sugar. Do you know someone who lives in this picturesque city? Thanks to our flower shipping service to Escuintla, now you have the chance to give them an incredible surprise.

With a strategic position for commerce and export to neighboring countries, Puerto Barrios is known for its banana production and for being a highly demanded tourist destination in Guatemala. A perfect place to spend a summer and also to send some flowers, of course! Tell them that you miss them with a beautiful home-delivered bouquet.

Cobán is one of the cities with the highest industrial growth in all the country, and the fifth in order of importance. Being the last one we mention doesn’t mean that our bouquets cannot get there, in fact, sending flowers to Cobán is already a reality so you can delight your loved ones with some high-quality fresh flowers.