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Send flowers to Israel

Israel is situated at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, and has a narrow coastal plain that runs north to south, which boasts many beautiful sandy beaches. Haifa, one of Israel’s main cities, is found on the coast of northern Israel, on the ancient slopes of Mount Carmel.

When you send flowers to Israel, Jerusalem may be the city you wish to make the delivery to. This city, in the east of the country and the capital of Israel, is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Israel is one of the top flower-growing countries, and although around 70 per cent of their flowers are exported, local florists have a vast variety of blooms to choose from, including the most superb roses. Israel’s climate lends itself to flower growing as the country experiences around 300 sunny days a year, and irrigation is supplied from aquifers and the Sea of Galilee.

Natural vegetation in Israel is varied, as the country is made up of fertile coastal plains and valleys as well as hilly, semi-arid terrain. There has been a huge reforestation drive in the country for many years and in some areas wild flowers bloom abundantly during the rainy winter months.

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