Latvia is a country where the ancient and the modern blend almost seamlessly into a unique and diverse culture. It is also a country where both pagan and religious festivities are celebrated with equal fervour, and all-night dancing around bonfires is common. The capital city of Riga is a prime example of the ancient and modern architecture that reflects the entire history of the country and its multicultural traditions. Riga’s Dome Cathedral is world renowned for its marvellous acoustics and visitors flock to the musical concerts that feature its giant organ.

Talsi is a town on nine hills that are filled with legends. It is said that the King’s Hill is able to make the dreams of residents come true. The town’s historical centre lies between two lakes and many of its streets are bequeathed by ancient ancestors, which adds to the sense of fantasy surrounding this location. Like most of Latvia, to see Talsi when the apple and cherry trees are in full bloom truly seems like a gift from the ancient gods.

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