The Republic of Macedonia is located in Southeastern Europe and is a former member state of Yugoslavia. Macedonia is a landlocked nation that is defined by a central valley and two large mountain ranges that rise high along most of its borders. In recent years and particularly after a provisional acceptance into the European Union, Macedonia has grown increasingly popular as a destination for skiing and mountaineering.

The capital of Macedonia is Skopje. This city is actually quite ancient; landmarks such as the 6th century Skopje Fortress and the picturesque Stone Bridge that spans the Vardar River are two of the most notable attractions.

Other major cities include Teto, Kumanovo and Veles. These urban centres have now become major industrial locations (Skopje above all) and Macedonia is primarily concerned with metallurgy, chemicals, oil-refining and textile production. It is thought that an increase in external investment could allow this country to become a formidable player in European economics.

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