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Bodo is the capital city of Nordland County in Norway. Located just north of the Arctic Circle, Bodo is also the second-most populated metropolitan region in the entire country. Still, Bodo has relatively recent roots. It was first established in 1816 as a trading port due to its proximity to a protected harbour. While the majority of the city centre was demolished during the German aerial raids of the Second World War, Bodo soon rebuilt itself after the cessation of aggression.

One of the primary attractions of Bodo (and the surrounding areas) is a massive expanse of pristine wilderness. This has allowed the city to be quite popular with hikers and nature enthusiasts. Boasting no less than seventeen nearby nature preserves, the summer months see an influx of tourists who wish to explore what many consider to be some of the most beautiful environments on the planet. Bodo is also home to interesting examples of post-war architecture as well as the Norwegian Aviation Museum and the Salten Museum. The latter offers interesting displays that illustrate Norwegian history.

When considering a heartfelt gift idea, flower delivery to Bodo is perhaps the best choice. Unique arrangements and vibrant bouquets will brighten up any day, even during the dark and cold winter months.

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