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Sandnes is a city within the southwestern portion of Norway that is located close to the coast. The name actually hints at this region, as Sandnes can be roughly translated into "Sandy Headland". The city itself is relatively new; having gained its autonomy only in 1860. Due to its geographic location in the southern portion of the country and nearby ski resorts, Sandnes is popular for tourists throughout most of the year. Fishing is also a prominent attraction.

From an economic point of view, Sandnes is considered to be a rather industrial city. North Sea oil exploration has caused an increase in the amount of companies to be clustered here, and IT-related services have likewise gained prominence in recent times. Still, Sandnes is home to several large retail centers, and these have had a markedly positive impact on its revenue during the past few decades. In the past, this city was known as the centre of the pottery trade in the country. While this industry has slightly faded, there are still a number of shops that cater to the craft.

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