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Sending flowers to Oman

Oman is considered one of the most developed countries in the Arab world. In 2010, the United Nations Development Program designated Oman as the country that had made the most progress in the past 40 years out of the total of 135 countries around the world. Even so, Oman is a sultanate where the sultan exercises an absolute power, although the system of government has a parliament with some legislative and supervisory powers.

This extremely dry country, where temperatures reach 50 degrees Celsius, is located in the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula. It has almost 1600 kilometers of coastline with the Arabian Sea in the south and east and the Gulf of Oman in the north. The Oman's interior is occupied by one of the most inhospitable places in the world, the Rub al-Jali desert, with huge sand dunes up to 300 meters high.

Oman has always been a seafaring nation and, for this reason, one of its most famous national symbols is the typical Omani boat, the dhow. It is characterized by its triangular sail set, which allows it to sail without oars regardless of the direction in which the wind blows. Dhows have been used since antiquity by most of the coastal Islamic states and they served to spread their religion throughout the Indian Ocean to Africa and Asia.

In terms of culture, Oman is a modern Arab country, but even so, there are still strong restrictions to avoid Westernization. The majority of the population dresses traditional Omani clothes, in the case of men it is a long tunic with sleeves accompanied by the traditional muzzar, a type of turban. The women wear a long dress on a trousers and the head covered by a handkerchief called lihaf.

In the capital of the country, Muscat, the International Film Festival is celebrated every two years since 2001, the first one in the Persian Gulf region and where Hollywood and Bollywood films are projected. On the other hand, Omani cuisine is simple, with chicken, fish and lamb as a base, accompanied by rice, broths, soups and curry. As drinks, kawha is the best-known type of coffee and also many liquid yogurts are consumed.

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