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Gujrat is a city in Pakistan that is the capital of the district of the same name. It is also considered to be one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the entire country, with well over 700,000 inhabitants. The ancient roots of Gujrat can be traced back thousands of years and, much like in the past, its main industries still revolve around agriculture and small business.

While agriculture still plays a significant role, Gujrat has endeavoured to diversify its industries over the past fifty years. This can be seen in its reputation as being one of the most respected producers of pottery in the entire country. Numerous companies also manufacture shoes and, in recent times, the exportation of electric fans has become an additional source of valuable income. The service-based economy accounts for approximately 90% of the domestic labour market. Education is also embraced here. Institutions such as The Smart School, the University of Lahore and the University of Gujrat are helping young people receive a quality higher education.

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