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Islamabad is unique by virtue of being the purpose-built capital of a country. As such, it is dynamically modern and fulfils its purpose admirably. It is divided into eight zones, each of which is dedicated to a particular function and has its own public park and shopping region. Being built with a purpose also means that the particular function of each area has been well thought out so that streets are wide and tree-lined and shopping and market areas have every facility for optimal functionality.

The green areas of Islamabad have a profusion of lush and colourful plants, flowers and trees that show the best of local flora. The beauty and pervasive scent of the rose and jasmine garden makes it a favourite tourist spot, and sending a flower delivery to Islamabad as a gift will bring this beauty to the doorstep of someone you love. Large and elaborate mosques designed by top architects adorn the city with the Shah Faisal Mosque accommodating 15,000 worshippers inside and 85,000 in its huge courtyard. Residential and industrial areas follow the specifics for a truly unique city.

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