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Flower Delivery To San Marino

Send colorful flowers and gifts from wherever you are to your friends and family in San Marino. With FloraQueen, you can send floral arrangements to say “Buon compleano,” or “mi manchi” to that special someone to show just how much you care about them and that you miss them.

At FloraQueen, we make our bouquets from the finest, modish flowers in San Marino. Make the day of your Sammarinese loved one magical and colorful with our fresh, finely-made bouquets.

We can deliver to your friends and family wherever they are in San Marino. Read this article to learn:

  • What is in our floral arrangements
  • Why you should send flowers to San Marino
  • How we make deliveries to different parts of San Marino
  • How to place an order
  • How to use our special request box
  • How to select the best flowers for your intended occasion of purpose

What Is in Our Floral Arrangements?

To brighten up the day of your friends and family, we don’t restrict our services to sending of flowers alone; we can help you send gifts to celebrate your loved ones too. That’s why when we piece together your floral arrangement, we include gifts and messages to spice it up and make your heartfelt emotions more intelligible to your recipient. Our gifts range from bottles of wine, plushy animals, candies, complimentary cards, etc. After we’ve completed making arrangements for your flowers and gifts, we package everything into our distinctive FloraQueen box and deliver them to your recipient wherever they’re in San Marino.

How Do We Make Our Deliveries to San Marino?

What’s more disappointing than sending flowers to a cherished friend then for the flowers not to be delivered or not to arrive at the time it’s needed? With FloraQueen, you can discard your worries about this. Our deliveries are effective and they are made right on time to celebrate, compliment, or congratulate your loved ones.

As a result, we have two delivery options:

  • Standard Delivery
  • Special Delivery

Standard Delivery - If you opt for this delivery option, we start making your floral arrangement from our warehouse. Once the processing of your order has been completed, we send it to San Marino by air. Upon arrival at San Marino, the Sammarinese postal service can take it from there and deliver the floral arrangement to your recipient.

Special Delivery - Alternatively, if you opt for the special delivery option, we delegate the task of making your floral arrangement to our partner-florists in San Marino. Once they’ve completed piecing together your flowers and gifts, we send the floral arrangement to your recipient’s home or office address through a delivery man.

What Is the Time Frame for Both Delivery Options?

The special delivery option is relatively fast given that our florists in San Marino are the ones to make arrangements for your bouquets and get them sent to your recipient through one of our couriers; hence, the special delivery takes between two to seven days to be completed.

Conversely, the standard delivery takes a bit longer. As a result, your floral arrangement can take a few days to be delivered to your recipient in San Marino. When you go for this option, it’s recommended that you place your order long before the time that you need it to be delivered.

How to Place an Order

To start sending flowers to your friends and family in San Marino right away, follow the guide below to place an order:

  • Choose from any of our bouquets and press “continue”
  • Select San Marino as the bouquet's destination country and pick the date you want it delivered on our calendar
  • Select any of our classic, premium, or deluxe bouquets to customize the size of your bouquet
  • Add any of the gifts available in our collection and type a message to personalize your floral arrangement
  • In the second step of your order, input your recipient’s city and provide the other information required for a smooth delivery
  • View the cost breakdown and checkout with any of our payment options.

How to Use Our Special Request Box

You can tell us, with precision, how you want us to make your floral arrangement and deliver it to your recipient by using the special request box. Simply toggle on the option in the second step of placing your order; when you do so, a text box appears so that you can provide us with more information that we can use to serve you better.

How to Select the Best Flowers

Flowers are so much cherished in San Marino, and that’s why we have stocked our collection with flowers that are highly demanded for in the country. To select the right flowers for your intended purpose, use our search bar and select your occasion type, flower color, and San Marino as your location to see the perfect bouquets according to your search options.


What If the Bouquet I Ordered for Isn’t Available?

If the bouquet you placed an order for isn’t available in San Marino, we can change it to a close substitute.

Can I Make Changes to My Order?

Yes, you can. You must make the changes 48 hours before your order is shipped so as to prevent any disappointment.

Can I Send Two Separate Floral Arrangements to One Recipient at the Same Time?

Yes, you can. Simply place another right after you’ve placed the first one.

Can I Send Flowers to Italy?

We understand that the whole of San Marino is basically surrounded by Italy, so if your recipient is in Italy as opposed to San Marino, simply select Italy as the delivery country instead of San Marino. You can also check out our dedicated article about how to send flowers to Italy.


FloraQueen is always at your bidding when you need to send flowers internationally to celebrate special occasions with your loved ones. As explained in this article, you can see how fast our deliveries are, and to top it all off, we can deliver to all places and events in San Marino. Place an order now to surprise your Sammarinese friends and family.

What are the best-selling flowers in San Marino:

Why should I choose FloraQueen for a San Marino flower delivery?

There is a lot of choice of online flower delivery services on the Internet. We offer a flexible service that takes the complexity out of international flower delivery. With a network of expert florists in many countries around the world as well as our centres In Europe, the US and around the world, we are able to offer that rare mix of the best quality flowers with an easy and fast delivery system. If you want more than just flowers we also have an extensive range of gifts and add-ons to make your order even better.

Can I send flowers to San Marino with FloraQueen?

Yes, we do send flowers to San Marino. You can also attach a greeting card to the bouquet!

Can I send the flowers to po box?

Unfortunately not, in this case our agents will ask you to provide a physical address in order to complete your delivery.

How do i order flowers for the funeral?

Make sure to mark the flowers are for the funeral (second step of ordering process). This will help us to manage your order in more efficient way and make sure flowers will arrive as requested. Please also provide us with a telephone number to call and exact date time of ceremony. You can use special requests box for additional information. Special request will be forwarded to the florist and will help to complete your order.

Can i order by telephone or email?

The safest and most efficient way to order is via our website, for this reason we do not accept orders by email or telephone.

Do you offer same day delivery?

Yes, we work directly with local florists in San Marino, just around the corner from the delivery address. We can accept same day delivery almost everywhere. The cut off time for same day delivery does vary for each country and time zone, and you will be advised during the buying process if it is not possible. In this case delivery date will not be available in the calendar.

Do the flowers come with the vase?

A vase is not included in the price unless specified in the product description. If you would like your flowers to be delivered in a vase please make sure to add the product in a second step the buying process.