Sending flowers to Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located among the twenty strongest economies in the world, mainly thanks to oil exploration. Its name comes from the Al Saud dynasty, which rules the country since 1902. Its capital, Riyadh, is the most populated of the state, with over 7 million people, however, two other cities stand out due to their religious, cultural and historic importance. The first one is Mecca, where the Great Mosque, the first place of worship in the Islamic world, is located. The second one is Medina, where the Prophet’s Mosque, whose original structure was built by Mohammed, is located. Both of them are the main sacred places of Islam and they receive a high number of pilgrims all year long, especially during the Ramadan celebration.

The main landscape in Saudi Arabia is the desert, although with great differences between areas, as well as the savannah and the mountain. As for its flora, it comprises over 2,000 different plants and flowers, such as shrubs like myrrh and incense bush and trees like the date and herb tree. Despite this wide variety, only 2,5% of the country’s flora is autochthonous. In the hostile climate of the desert, camels are the most abundant animals. At the same time, the country is worldly famous for being the native region of the Arabian horse, renowned for its enormous intelligence, beauty and strength.

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