Serbia is a Balkan country that was established from numerous Slavic migrations in antiquity. While it endured troubling times during the 20th century, this country has now emerged to experience a great deal of prosperity since it has developed ties with its European partners. Cities such as Belgrade, Pec and Subotica represent urban centres that have embraced modern times and with residents numbering over seven million inhabitants, Serbia is also one of the more densely populated countries in the Balkans.

Notwithstanding the sights near major cities including Palić Lake and the Congress Centre of Subotica, a good deal of Serbian attractions are focused around the countless mountain resorts and famous spas such as Soko Banja. Serbia is also home to a largely service-oriented economy and a burgeoning agricultural market. Although the recent global crisis took a toll, this region is emerging into the 21st century global marketplace. This birthplace of inventor Nikola Tesla is an interesting location to visit and the urban population is seen to be on the rise.

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